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NEOLANT&Co: First Participation of Russia in an Engineering Project on NPP Decommissioning in Eastern Europe

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The Russian-German Consortium joining NEOLANT Group of Companies, EWN, and Nukem will develop a project of Kozloduy NPP Units 1-4 decommissioning in Bulgaria. This project is expected to become the first one of this kind in Eastern European to execution of which Russian companies will be admitted.

The State Enterprise Radioactive Waste, the customer of the project, and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) funding the activities chose NEOLANT Group of Companies as subcontractor for the project owing to its complex of engineering and IT expertise.

First of all NEOLANT owns wide experience in development of processes and equipment for radioactive waste management and reactor power unit decommissioning; similar projects have already been implemented for NPPs and industrial enterprises in the Russian Federation. When choosing this advantage was of great significance as the Kozloduy NPP is built on the Russian-based model.

The fact that NEOLANT GC has expertise in NPP life cycle informational support with the use of information modeling is of no less importance. The approach makes it possible to improve and verify decommissioning procedures and thereby ensure top-level safety and economic efficiency that is also relevant for European customers.

The Digital Decommissioning software developed by NEOLANT GC on the base of the own Russian NEOSYNTEZ platform of engineering data management will be used at execution of the project. Information models of decommissioning units will be created in the software; the information models help make best and precise engineering and managerial decisions.

It’s worth mentioning that 50 pre-qualification applications were made in total, and only three applicants reached the final: Ansaldo (Italy), ONET (France), and the Russian-German Consortium with NEOLANT’s participation that won the end tender well ahead of other bidders.

“The project is meant for three years. First, the qualitative execution should set a precedent of a successful accomplishment of the Russian company in Europe in such a sensitive area as nuclear safety and it takes on particular significance in the current not simple political circumstances. Secondly, the execution of the project allows for elaborating the Digital Decommissioning technique thanks to the experience of international cooperation thus enlarging knowledge in the area and competitive capacity of Russian technologies. It opens highly interesting prospects for the Russian companies as the similar technologies may become in demand in the countries that intend to decommission NPP power units in the foreseeable future”,

Vladislav Tikhonovsky, First Deputy-President, NEOLANT GC, comments.


About EWN

The EWN-Group comprises companies dealing with the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. The radioactive residues/waste generated during the dismantling will be cut, treated, intermediately stored and delivered to the Federal Final Storage for the long term disposal.

More about EWN: www.ewn-gmbh.de.

About NUKEM Technologies

NUKEM Technologies is an engineering company that focuses on the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel, decommissioning of nuclear and nuclear and radiation dangerous facilities, as well as on support at operation, consulting, and development of engineering solutions for research reactors.

NUKEM Technologies GmbH is a subsidiary of JSC Atomstroyexport, a strategic partner of NEOLANT.

More about NUKEM Technologies GmbH: www.nukemtechnologies.com.

About State Enterprise Radioactive Waste

The enterprise is entrusted with the responsibility to protect the environment and to attend to people’s health and safety by management and storage of radioactive waste generated by the nuclear applications in the fields of energy, industry, medicine and everyday life.

Our main activity is related to collecting, handling, pre-treatment and treatment, conditioning, storage and burial of radioactive waste, including decommissioning of radioactive waste management facilities.

More about State Enterprise Radioactive Waste: www.dprao.bg.

About the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was founded in 1991 to create a new post-Cold War era in Central and Eastern Europe, furthering progress towards ‘market-oriented economies and the promotion of private and entrepreneurial initiative’.

The EBRD is owned by 65 countries, as well as the European Union and the European Investment Bank. The EBRD develops partnership with a wide range of stakeholders representing local and international business, investors, and participants of development process to encourage its activity.

More about EBRD: www.ebrd.com.

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