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NEOLANT Offers Software Services on the Base of Intergraph Software Platform to Manage Complex Engineering Facilities

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Provided by NEOLANT Services on the base of Intergraph Software Platform

  1. Customization and implementation of Intergraph Smart Plant Enterprise software products.
  2. Creation of standard elements catalogues:
    • SmartPlant 3D catalogues and specifications.
    • SmartPlant P&ID character catalogues.
    • SmartPlant Electrical character catalogues.
    • SmartPlant Instrumentation character catalogues.
  3. Customization and setting up of SmartPlant Foundation.
  4. Creation of IMS (Information Management System) based on SmartPlant Foundation.
  5. Setting up of engineering data exchange within the Intergraph Smart Plant Enterprise by means of TEF adapters.
  6. Information support of operation on the base of SmartPlant for Owners and Operators.
  7. Development of specific tailor-made capabilities for SmartPlant Foundation, SmartPlant 3D, and SmartPlant with the use of application program interface (API).
  8. Delivery of software for creating 3D-characters: SmartCon.
  9. Delivery of InterBridge (3D CAD/PLM data translator and viewer developed by NEOLANT) for SmartPlant Foundation.

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