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InterBridge: Video Tutorials


Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) offers to examine InterBridge capabilities at your working place by watching video tutorials.

InterBridge: Lesson 1 "Programm Interface"

InterBridge: Lesson 2 "Files and Layers Operation"

InterBridge: Lesson 3 "Navigation"

InterBridge: Lesson 4 "Setting up Visualisation"

InterBridge: Lesson 5 "Selecting and Marking out Elements"

InterBridge: Lesson 6 "Measurements"

InterBridge: Lesson 7 "Sections"

InterBridge: Lesson 8 "Researching Elements"

InterBridge: Lesson 9 "Obtaining Specifications"


    How to Know More About InterBridge and Purchase it?

    The NEOLANT experts will consult you on any issue aroused when operating InterBridge. We will help you:

  • Operate InterBridge in-situ and examine the system capabilities at your working place by:
  • Consult an expert about InterBridge purchasing options accounting the specifity of your enterprise you can meet with a NEOLANT expert by calling the number: +7 (499) 999 0000 *117 or filling an application

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