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PLM (Plant Lifecycle Management) Software Developed by NEOLANT for Infrastructure Facility Management Support: NEOSYNTEZ


Save millions of dollars and months of work by optimizing resources throughout the whole facility lifecycle”,

Vitaly Kononov, Director General, NEOLANT

Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) offers new product NEOSYNTEZ for industrial and civil construction market – Russian PLM/PDM* software that allows the engineering data to be managed throughout the whole lifecycle of an infrastructure facility. The system is based on a datacentric approach that makes it possible for NEOSYNTEZ to develop a full information model of an industrial facility. This information model packs all information about any element of the facility and related design, executive, operational and other documents required to operate a facility in a single actual and structured vault.

    Nowadays the market of software systems managing complex facilities of industrial and civil construction ranging from design to decommissioning offers various platforms. Assuming the actual situation, a conclusion about the following disadvantages is obvious:

  • Existing solutions focus solely on the design stage excluding other stages of the facility lifecycle.
  • The solutions are intended to use native file formats with possibility to import/export data in other formats with significant loss of original information.
  • They require expensive high-performance hardware systems and, at the same time, they do not ensure rapid reaction on the user’s activities.

    Group of companies NEOLANT has developed PLM-platform usable for industrial and civil construction – NEOSYNTEZ that is free from the above listed disadvantages:

  • NEOSYNTEZ contain all necessary tools for informational support of the facility throughout its life cycle.
  • Plant information model backing NEOSYNTEZ is independent from original CAD/PLM owing to built-in InterBridge tool designed for data conversion and visualization using most widespread CAD/PLM platforms and makes it possible to load full information about facility elements.
  • NEOSYNTEZ provides managing large-scale facilities (from million and more elements) from a standard office computer ensuring fast response time through specifically developed mechanism of prompt displaying, manipulation and transferring “heavy” information models.
Fig. 1. NEOSYNTEZ Work Scheme
Fig. 1. NEOSYNTEZ Work Scheme

“The NEOSYNTEZ system is a tool of effective engineering and managerial decision making and is applicable to solve practical design, construction, operation and disposal tasks thanks to possibility to select any most demonstrative method of information displaying among those that are provided by the system. Simultaneously all stakeholders, including operating, construction, design, scientific research and sub-contracting organizations are united in a single information vault”,

explained features of the new software product Dmitry Dorobin, Head of Office for Integrated and CAD Technologies, NEOLANT.

Fig. 2. Ways to Represent Information in NEOSYNTEZ
Fig. 2. Ways to Represent Information in NEOSYNTEZ
Fig. 3. Data Access (Pump Features) through 3D Model and 2D Drawing
Fig. 3. Data Access (Pump Features) through 3D Model and 2D Drawing

    NEOSYNTEZ creates additional competitive strengths of an enterprise:

  • new quality level of technical and managerial decision making;
  • reducing risk of facility information loss;
  • lowering facility ownership cost.

See more about NEOSYNTEZ

*In this case PLM – Plant Lifecycle Management, PDM – Plant Data Management


Learn more about NEOSYNTEZ

    Ways to learn more about the product are as follow:

  • Operate NEOSYNTEZ in-situ and examine the system capabilities at your working place by registering for a web-demonstration.
  • Consult about NEOSYNTEZ installation by calling the number +7 (499) 999 0000 *117, e-mail: or filling an application.

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