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NEOLANT Presents Simulators and Simulation Models in IAEA


Digital Engineering and Design Center (Group of Companies NEOLANT, hereinafter NEOLANT) one of the constant visitors of IAEA meetings took part in a regular Technical Meeting on Preparation of Guidance Documents on Life Cycle Management of Design Knowledge hosted by IAEA Headquarter in Vienna (Austria).

Dmitry Dorobin (on the left) with Participants of the Technical Meeting
Dmitry Dorobin (on the left)
with Participants of the
Technical Meeting

Dmitry Dorobin, Head of Office for Integrated and CAD Technologies reviewed technologies of imitation modeling, simulators and virtual reality tools actively involved in the Russian nuclear industry, namely, for effective training of nuclear power plants staff.

As base of nuclear knowledge management, NEOLANT puts forward technology of Information 3D Modeling providing visual observation of complex industrial plant design and containing all necessary data and documentation concerning the plant (enterprise, building, rooms, equipment, components of the equipment) with easy access. Using the information models NEOLANT develops imitation models of complex processing procedures, scenarios of accidents and emergency situations, generates simulators to exercise in virtual environment activities of the staff both in regular operating conditions and at incidents and accidents.

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Information systems of this type are of particular significance for nuclear industry being potentially hazardous and for new und poor developed activities as decommissioning of nuclear and radiation dangerous facilities, and RAW and SNF management.

Up to date the projects implemented by NEOLANT include works for Beloyarsk NPP, Nuclear Safety Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, FSUE PA Mayak, JSC Siberian Chemical Combine, JSC Pilot Demonstration Center for Decommissioning of Graphite-Uranium Nuclear Reactors and other customers.

“Knowledge management being foundation of industrial, radiation and environmental safety of nuclear facilities has particular importance for nuclear industry. The Fukushima Daiichi accident activated the international nuclear community to share expertise in this field and to search continuously the most efficient methods.
Virtual simulators and training tools based on the Information 3D Modeling support safe and efficient operation of facilities. It is great to acknowledge the fact that Russia has notably advanced in this area, applies actively up-to-date technologies and is ready to share the experience with other countries”,

Dmitry Dorobin says.

The review prepared by NEOLANT experts for this Technical Meeting presents nuclear knowledge management technologies applied in the Russian nuclear industry. The review proposes that the NEOLANT’s good practice in terms of 3D Models, virtual simulators, training tools and electronic documentation implementation be applicable outside the Russia.

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