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IAEA: NEOLANT Technologies and Experience in Plant Information Modeling for Nuclear Industry are Internationally in Demand


Group of companies NEOLANT, Digital Design and Engineering Centre, presented their unique expertise in the field of information modeling for Russian nuclear facilities in a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, under the title “Application of the Modern Plant Information Models to Support and Manage Design Knowledge throughout NPP Life Cycle”.

Participants of the international meeting of IAEA in Vienna
Participants of the international
meeting of IAEA in Vienna

It was the first IAEA event dedicated to application of plant information models for the purposes of engineering data support and management throughout the complete life cycle of a nuclear power plant. Companies ready to share their unique expertise in this area were invited to participate in that meeting.

Group of companies NEOLANT has developed a worldwide unique concept for information support of nuclear and radiation facilities operation and decommissioning, based on information modeling. Currently, information systems that have been created for Rosenergoatom (ROSATOM) on the basis of this concept are already in use at six Russian nuclear power plants, four more are planned to be implemented by 2020.

Dmitriy Dorobin, Head of Integrated and CAD Technologies Department, delivered 2 presentations:

Plant information model, implemented as an engineering data management system, forms a core for an integrated information basis for taking process-related, engineering and management decisions during nuclear facility operation and decommissioning phases. Data consolidation in a single repository ensures accumulation and transfer of all knowledge about the facility, increases management efficiency of nuclear facilities, ensures transparency and safety of operations and decommissioning.

“Over ten years, group of companies NEOLANT has gained substantial expertise in the domain of information modeling for Russian nuclear, fuel and energy industries. We implemented a solid number of projects, which for the first time resolved certain issues of Russian customers. Today, we are ready to offer our competences to the world market and, judging by the response to our presentations, one can be sure that our expertise is in demand. Right now, we are participating in a number of international projects: at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in Turkey and Belarus Nuclear Power Plant, both currently under construction, and at the shut-down nuclear power units of Kozloduy NPP in Bulgaria”, -
says Dmitriy Dorobin.

Especially for the IAEA meeting, NEOLANT experts prepared an overview of the current status of nuclear power plant information modeling and application of engineering information models in Russia. The overview contains a suggestion to include information modeling in IAEA recommended practices for extensive world-wide use in nuclear industry.

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