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Unified Plant 3D Information Model Based on Various 2D/3D CAD/PLM Data Conversion with Application of InterBridge Technology


Group of companies NEOLANT, Russian supplier of engineering and IT solutions in support of plant management for nuclear and power generation industries, demonstrates InterBridge – various 2D/3D CAD/PLM data conversion into a unified plant 3D information model

Unified plant 3D information model enabled:

  • To realize an universal data adapter between CAD and PLM/PDM (InterBridge), that also allows to work with complex 3D model.
  • To develop a complex operation PIM that includes buildings, floors, rooms, walls, columns, slabs, doors, beams, pipes and piping components, equipment, electrical, instruments, HVAC, reactor detailed model, etc.
  • To develop two different PIMs based on SPF: design PIM (SPF 1) and operation PIM (SPF 2) for operation task solving, without design temporary data.
  • To develop and test a technology to transfer design data to Owner Operator in amount necessary for operation (handover).

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