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The Updated IAEA’ Recommendations Will Include the Experience in the Field of NPP Decomissioning by NEOLANT


In the course of consultative meeting held in Germany by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Digital Design and Engineering Center by the group of companies NEOLANT shared with the Russian experience how to use engineering information models to support NPP units decommissioning. The meeting resulted a decision to put NEOLANT’s experience in IAEA recommendatory database for nuclear industry worldwide.

Engineering 3D Model: equipment database ierarchy
Engineering 3D Model: equipment database ierarchy

The meeting took place in the Nuclear Technology Center located in Karlsrue, Germany and is known to be one of the key international events in the field of knowledge management and data transfer at the decommissioning stage of nuclear and radiation facilities. During the meeting the experts of NEOLANT presented unique technology in the world - “NPP Units Decommissioning Database” information system developed by the company. This information system sustains to make effective and timely decisions at a production reactor decommissioning. Currently, the said system was already adopted in six Russian nuclear power plants and intended to be implemented in four additional entities by the year 2020 by NEOLANT.

“NPP Units decommissioning database” information system is known to be centralized data storage with all engineering and design, operating and other hand-books integrated in it, plus information need to prepare an NPP unit for decommissioning, as well as to conduct decommissioning itself. The said information system makes possible to realize wide spectrum of functions:

  • long-term store and keep available knowledge about a facility – up to 100 years and more;
  • staff training by means of visual demonstration of information concerning an NPP unit configuration and its key engineering characteristics;
  • simulation modeling of the complicated nuclear and radiation hazardous operations;
  • radiation environment data integration, radioactive waste quantity forecasting, IT-support at radioactive waste management which are result of decommissioning;
  • decommissioning projects time-schedule development, run and control, project implementation schedule optimization with allowance for existing limits.

“The fact, that NEOLANT was included in the official list of invitees, indicates on IAEA’s intention for the long-term partnership which is subject for search and transfer the best world practice in the interest of nuclear industry development. Currently we have solutions which are very significant in global sense to share with international nuclear network. I am speaking about the own, unique expertise in the NPP decommissioning engineering and IT-support which is based on long-term experience of work with the Russian nuclear sector and solving non-trivial tasks using information modeling technologies”, -
said Vladislav Tikhonovsky, First Deputy Director General, CJSC “NEOLANT”.

Based on results of the meeting IAEA experts will perform advisory database to be applied by nuclear complex facilities worldwide which use peaceful atom. Recommendations will include Russian experience provided by the competencies of the group of companies NEOLANT. Moreover, next meeting of IAEA partners in Vienna scheduled on September 3-5 this year will be dedicated to the application of modern Information Models for operating knowledge within the facilities throughout-lifecycle support; experts of the group of companies NEOLANT have already received invitation to participate as key foreign speakers.

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