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Leningrad NPP: Quarter of Life Spent with NEOLANT


The 40 years anniversary was celebrated at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in the end of December. During the quarter of this period the Group of Companies “NEOLANT” provides an active IT and Engineering support to the Leningrad NPP that is the first NEOLANT’s customer among the Russian NPPs.

The Leningrad NPP is the biggest power producer in the north-west part of the Russian Federation. The NPP supplies more than 50% of power consumption of Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad Region and generate 28% of the Region power sources. In foreseeable future, de-commissioning of several life-expired units of the Leningrad NPP is planned. In parallel, the Leningrad NPP-2 construction is performed since 2007.

3D model of the turbine island
3D model of the turbine island

Currently, NEOLANT realizes the following projects for the different Leningrad NPP departments:

  • Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning is an integral repository of all NPP engineering, design, maintenance and reference documentation developed on the basis of information 3D modeling. Today, this system, which was initially developed specifically for the Leningrad NPP, is under development or already applied at five more Russian NPPs. The system was awarded by the gold medal for «Innovations for investments to the future» from American-Russian Business Union. At present, NEOLANT provides an engineering and technical maintenance of the information system for the Leningrad NPP.
  • Integrated, engineering and radiation inspection (IERI) programmes for the first Unit of the Leningrad NPP. The IERI is under development by the order of the Leningrad NPP engineering branch. Today, the IERI is already supplemented with specific section on the Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning operation.
  • Hardware and software system for computer-aided monitoring of the fire fighting equipment state that is under development for monitoring of the equipment inspection status. The system will be provided with technology for computer-aided identification based on the bar-code marking technique. During the fire fighting equipment revision the responsible NPP personnel will scan special bar-code at the equipment and will enter relevant data into the programme database at the each point of inspection. These actions will be performed using ordinary tablet PC. In this way, the NPP management will receive a common database on all fire fighting equipment and will have a possibility to monitor the inspection actuality, while the personnel responsible for inspection will save some time for data entering and structuring.
  • The second project dedicated to the information system on fire risks analysis at the Leningrad NPP units. This programme will be based on 3D models of fire fighting equipment and will represent common information system on all fire fighting facilities.

“The lion's share of work already done for the Leningrad NPP falls to the Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning project that is carried out since 2003. This project was started with development of simple electronic archive. Later, in accordance with new system requirements, this archive was transferred to the information modeling platform. The biggest achievement in the frame of our cooperation with the Leningrad NPP is development of the database itself. It was achieved as a result of digitization of 30 kilometres of the NPP territory and tens of thousands of the NPP elements. It was a monumental work aimed on the data collection that included a lot of local tasks like lost information retrieval, disembodied data classification, engineering design documentation processing, uploading of certified, operational and weight-dimensional data of the NPP objects, etc. Today, all these data are classified and included to the Information Support System for NPP Decommissioning that provides an access to the engineering and technical data directly from the 3D models environment,”
Told by Vladislav Tikhonovsky, Director of the Department of Information Technologies in Energy Sector, NEOLANT company

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