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NEOLANT and INTERGRAPH Five Years of Success in Russia Nuclear Industry


NEOLANT and INTERGRAPH have marked the 5th anniversary since their partnership in Russia was established. Achievements made so far include:

  • transformation of SmartPlant Enterprise’s tools into CAD and PLM standards to build information models (IM) of Russias operating nuclear power units;
  • adaptation of SmartPlant Enterprise platform to application for NPP 2006 and VVER-TOI innovative designs;
  • use of SmartPlant Enterprise to support Smolensk, Bilibino, Kolsk, Novovoronezh NPPs decommissioning.

Having been collaborating with Intergraph since 2008, NEOLANT today has become its strategic partner in Russian Federation.

During this time NEOLANT has completed more than ten projects for implementation of Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise PLM tools.

The customers contracting with NEOLANT for adaptation and implementation of Intergraph products in Russias nuclear industry are: JSC «Concern Rosenergoatom», Design-and-Engineering Branch for JSC Concern Rosenergoatom, Open Joint Stock CompanyAll-Russian Research Institute for Nuclear Power Plants Operation(OJSC VNIIAES), JSC Atomenergoproekt, JSC Nizhegorodsky Atomenergoproekt, JSC St.Petesburg Atomenergoproekt, VNIPIET in St.Petersburg, JSCState Scientific Center – Research Institute of Atomic Reactors(JSCSSC RIAR).

Alexander Koifman, Intergraph PP&M Branch Director, comments on NEOLANT and Intergraph partnership in the Russian market:

“Longevity of relationships is a key factor of the mutual business sustainability. 5 years of our business together have definitely proven our ability to complete joint projects and successfully implement Integraphs technology at ROSATOMs facilities. We hope our collaboration will be expending to cover new areas of interest”.

On implementing Intergraphs PLM-platform, NEOLANT is to deal with a wide spectrum of tasks ranging from developing conceptual solutions never implemented before in nuclear industry to doing hard work like making catalogues of standardized items without which there would be no breakthrough projects in nuclear industry.



About NEOLANT Nuclear Projects

Among the unique projects NEOLANT has fulfilled for nuclear industry in Russia there is the one providing capability of verifying VVER-TOI information model for meeting the design phase requirements. The VVER-TOI project features a variety of IT-platforms involved in both supporting 3D-6D information models and managing design quality. Being the best of its kind, these platforms come from such vendors as Intergraph, Oracle, Dassault Systems, and IBM, Russian software applications involved as well. NEOLANTs expertise and competence as an engineering company as well as a cross-system integrator were extensively used for purposes of this project.

The following are innovative projects based on Intergraph products, performed with active NEOLANT involvement:

  • Based on information modeling technology, development and fill-in Information Support Systems for Decommissioning in Smolensk, Kolsk, Novovoronezh, Bilibino. Information system for these projects were created by means of re-engineering method of the design, technical, operating documentation using CAD system:
    • Intergraph SmartPlant 3D to create 3D models;
    • SmartPlant P&ID; SmartPlant Electrical and SmartPlant Instrumentation to process flow chart, electrical network and instrumentation and controls correspondingly.
  • Laser scanning processing technique was used to update data from initial paper copies of engineering design documentation or lost data.
  • Creation of engineering database management system for the purpose to develop NPP units on the base of information modeling including 3D modules for project development; to work out functional-technological schemes; to develop electro-technical part with instrumentation and controls; to develop the building part.
  • Creation of tools for computer automated forming of the ordered aggregate specification in the VVER-TOI project. NEOLANT has developed and realized automated procedure to perform the ordered aggregate specification which meets Russian nuclear industry standards. The solution is based on the interconnected work of SmartPlant Enterprise for Owner/Operators and SmartPlant Materials of SmartPlant Enterprise platform, supported by Document Management subsystem of PLM-platform SmartPlant Foundation.
  • Development of conception and technical specifications on creation of information model from JSC SSC RIAR as the customer in MBIR project (multipurpose research fast reactor) based on PLM-platform SmartPlant Foundation. This project provides an integration of data taken from General Designer, which perform information modeling on the base of SmartPlant Foundation, with data taken from Design Manager, using PLM on PTC WindChill base.

The following are NEOLANT integrative projects, performed for nuclear industry in the best interests of Intergraph:

  • creation of data communications adapter for the equipment from suppliers taken from industry catalogue on Dassault Enovia base into Intergraph SmartPlant Reference Data Plus system;
  • development of Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation loader-module with the site spheric panoramas photorealistic image, accumulated from plenty of separate images permitting to visualize environment in the full, the angle of view is 360 80 degree; development of the module to integrate Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation with Microsoft Project.

The introduction of SmartPlant Enterprise soft-tools, information modeling mythology and concept into nuclear industry design entities would be impossible without large-scale preliminary activity performed by NEOLANT. These are:

  • filling the database catalogues with materials and component parts;
  • creation and introduction of industry-specific catalogues used at 3D design of suspended and sub-supporting structures; armature centralized database.

About Key Projects in Nuclear Industry

AES 2006 is a new generation 3+ design of a Russian atomic station with improved technical-and-economic indexes. The project is promoted in compliance with the Federal Targeted Programme aiming to develop nuclear industry. Project mission is to get modern safety & reliability indexes at optimized capital expenditures on a nuclear power plant construction.

VVER-TOI is a typical optimized and informatized design for the two-unit NPP equipped with VVER-1300 (pressurized water reactor), completed by means of modern computer tools, in compliance with nuclear&radiation safety requirements.

MBIR is a multipurpose reactor capable to carry out investigations in material sciences, reactor physics, safety and security, to test the core new components, verification means and diagnostic facilities, to produce unique radioisotopes, etc. It is capable to conduct research for both: fast reactor and thermal reactor, as well as other perspectives for development in near future covering ten-year periods.

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