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NEOLANT Shares the Russian Experience of NPP Decommissioning with Eastern Europe


The group of companies NEOLANT, a designer and active provider of information modeling for Fuel & Energy Complex, presented the experience in Information Support Systems for Decommissioning creation at the International Nuclear Forum “Bulgarian Nuclear Power Industry - National, Regional and World Safety” (BULATOM).

Experts of NEOLANT Company have developed a concept of the information support to decommission NPP units on basis of their engineering information models in compliance with Rosenergoatom’s order. As of today the said system, created on the basis of this concept, was already adopted in six Russian nuclear power plants and intended to be implemented in four additional entities by the year 2020.

3D Engineering Model
3D Engineering Model

Information Support System for Decommissioning is known to be Data Central Storage where all design, maintenance, and other documentation and information has been accumulated and integrated. All together they are need for NPP units preparation and decommissioning. In broader terms – this is a comprehensive concept developed by NEOLANT which provides informational support when NPP units are subjects for decommissioning. On the basis of it the implemented process technology is capable to do the following:

  • to store and give out the stored data about the object for long period of time: 100 years and more;
  • to train staff using visual demonstration of NPP unit configuration and the key engineering and technical characteristics;
  • to perform service-simulating test for complex nuclear and radiation hazardous procedures;
  • to integrate data to reflect radiation level, to make a forecast for radioactive waste generation, to provide IT support to manage radioactive waste, the product of decommissioning process;
  • To develop a roadmap and to run a decommissioning project, optimize timeline having in mind the current limitations.

The intent of Bulgarian colleagues to get knowledge about NEOLANT’s product is not a fluke. Kozlodyi, one of the biggest in the world nuclear power station, is located in Bulgaria. Currently its four of the six units are decommissioned.

“NPP "Kozlodyi" was constructed in accordance with the typical design developed by USSR experts and we have been working with the sites like this for more than 10 years. So, Russian experience of decommissioning is greatly expected by the Bulgarian colleagues”,–
said Vladislav Tikhonovsky, Director for the Department of Information Technologies in Energy Sector, the group of companies NEOLANT.

It must be noted that Information Support System for Decommissioning gets repeatedly international recognition:

  • IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) supported the concept of the informational models for NPPs.
  • WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators) handed it to IS for being effective and possessing wide spectrum of capabilities.
  • Information Support Systems for Decommissioning developed for NPP in Kursk, Russia, became a winner of the “Be Inspired 2013”, International competition held by Bentley Systems.

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