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CIC Consulting and NEOLANT: Integration Solutions for Enterprises of Energy Industry of Russia


The companies NEOLANT and CIC Consulting Informatico - Spanish specialist in IT-consulting for enterprises of Energy Industry, Public Administration and other industries – have recently announced the signing of a partnership agreement. Representatives of CIC Consulting Informatico made a working visit to Moscow, where together with NEOLANT they had meetings with such companies as "Rosenergoatom" Holding, "Lukoil" and VNIIAES.

During this visit CIC Consulting Informatico and NEOLANT colleagues had an interview in which they spoke about the essence of their cooperation and the nearest plans for the Russian market. The participants of the conversation were:

  • Carlos San Martin, Director of Business Development of CIC Consulting Informatico
  • Inna Alexeeva, Coordinator for International Development of CIC Consulting
  • Miguel Sierra, Responsible for projects and IDbox product in CIC Consulting
  • Alexander Shkarin, Head of digital models management of the IT Department for energy industry of NEOLANT
  • Oleg Prorokov, Chief engineer for projects of IT Dep. for energy industry of NEOLANT
From the left to the right: Miguel Sierra, Elena Konvisar (NEOLANT), Alexander Kanishev (NEOLANT), Inna Alexeeva, Carlos San Martin, Alexander Shkarin

CIC Consulting Informatico: Strategy of introduction to the Russian market

Please, tell us the reasons why you decided to work together. How did you get to this idea?

Miguel Sierra (CIC Consulting Informatico): Firstly, I need to explain why we selected Russian market. Our products are actively used and developed in the Spanish nuclear industry, the NPP representatives themselves suggested us the idea of offering of the IDbox solution in Russia. Their experience with the Russian nuclear industry led them to the conclusion that the customer may be interested in this offer and our products can be useful for them.

Secondly, we must keep in mind the specific characteristics of our solutions. The software developed by CIC Consulting is not just a disc that you insert into your computer and it is automatically installed and starts working. Our solutions must be correctly deployed, implemented, adapted and supported; we must also train engineering teams to handle them. With all that, it is very difficult to access directly the end user in a different country, so in Russia we were looking for a local partner who would not only distribute our product, but would understand the specific aspect of work with it and would be able to provide maintenance.

Inna Alexeeva (CIC Consulting Informatico): Why did we choose NEOLANT as a partner? Firstly, the NEOLANT is one of the fastest growing IT- companies in the Russian market. Secondly, we were impressed by the projects carried out by your company, the range of your current customers and the experience that NEOLANT has in energy sector, since this is the area in which the IDbox solution has been tested and has shown its effectiveness. And thirdly - after speaking with the company’s representatives, we became convinced of a high level of technical preparation that will enable the IDbox implementation and support for Russian customers the best way.

Which is your development policy in the Russian market? How many partners do you have in Russia?

Carlos San Martin (CIC Consulting Informatico): Regarding the IDbox product and energy industry as an extensive work path, here we only collaborate with NEOLANT. But we enter the Russian market not only with IDbox, we have also a similar product in the telecommunications sphere, it also focuses on the integration of different signals, but only concerning the telecommunication network. And, of course, in this area we are working with some Russian companies operating in this segment.

Cooperation branches for CIC and NEOLANT

Speaking about the partnership with NEOLANT, in which branches do you plan to cooperate in Russia?

Carlos San Martin: Regarding the IDbox, of course, it is primarily nuclear and oil and gas industry. But, of course, our cooperation area can be expanded. That is, first we will focus on the energy industry, and when our position is strong enough, then we will turn to other customers - there are no restrictions in this sense for us.

Why the IDbox?

And what opportunities does the IDbox solution offer to Russian customers?

Alexander Shkarin (NEOLANT)

The product is oriented basically for acquisition, storage and analysis of data related to technological processes and received from different sources (controllers, sensors, SCADA-systems, production accounting systems, etc.). The IDbox functional characteristics are not unique, there are similar products on the market. But the performance of each of these characteristics is really impressive.

Here we mention just only a few advantages of the system:

  • The product has the possibility to work with a great number of relational and non-relational databases, for example SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL or MongoDB, it means that the customer is not bonded to any database.
  • Absolutely all functions are performed in web interface, including administrative functions.
  • The tool for graphical configuration of calculations is flexible and at the same time very intuitive ​​(also available through web interface).
  • There is a user friendly tool for the creation of new mnemonics, charts, and other images for data visualization (the IDbox by installing already contains a huge number of customizable graph elements, it allows new graphs aggregation.) For example, technological schemes that a customer may have in DWG format can be instantly imported into IDbox (precisely in vector format) and fulfilled with additional visual effects that change when the corresponding signals are registered in the system.

I would like to mention the possibilities of the product related to access to historical data. For example, to get data from several signals stored in the database with a resolution of 0,2 milliseconds takes one or two seconds as maximum. And this request is not for the current year, but for the last three years. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that all these options are not simply explained verbally or on the presentation slides, but demonstrated on the real system mock up.

Thanks to our combined effort, we have already integrated the IDbox system with our three-dimensional model 3D. This way the user can switch from any object on the 3D model to the related real data directly in IDbox. With IDbox we can solve the challenge of resource characteristics management, monitor technological parameters of potentially dangerous installations, use the system to increase the reliability of equipment both on nuclear power plants and oil-and-gas enterprises.

Miguel Sierra: IDbox - is a revolutionary product in terms of technology used for its creation and in terms of the concept of its implementation. Another significant advantage is the flexibility of both the product and us as developers. The product is developed together with branches, factories and industries updating. However, the novelty and exclusivity of the product is also our disadvantage, because we don’t have as many implementations as our competitors, world known manufacturers, have.

What interesting technologies are used in IDbox?

Miguel Sierra: When implementing IDbox we used, for example, the Web 2.0 technique, which is focused on the support of many kinds of technologies, including in-cloud. Web 2.0 allows, for example, to have an easy access to the information - the user can work with the information stored in IDbox at any time, from any device that has a browser, from any place of the world with access to Internet. This saves both material and time resources. I would also like to mention the vector graphics SVG technology (Scalable Vector Graph), without which it would be impossible to create qualified and efficient images.

What are the fundamental differences IDbox from its closest competitors? Why customers should choose it?

San Carlos Martin: IDbox allows you to store and receive all the data about a complex technological installation, such as a nuclear power plant, in one and the same system regardless of the actions of other people. With its implementation some departments become independent and do not rely on other groups to get data. The director doesn’t need to ask his Secretary any more to prepare the information, because he receives the same data as the engineering department.

It is important that the introduction of this type of system like IDbox affects the organization structure. If until its implementation you needed several people or departments which were in charge of correct data delivery, calculations, data interpretation, analysis and so on, then with IDbox this dependence disappears. Data are available simultaneously to all the users.

IDbox system is also characterized by a high-speed of accomplishing of various functions: data delivery on request, graph design, data processing, etc.

Inna Alexeeva: Here is an example from our experience in Spain. The expert group, which is responsible for analyzing the equipment reliability, receives data directly from the nuclear power plant. The data are collected from multiple systems either automatically or manually. The engineer who receives these data, based on his experience, starts doubting about the truthfulness of certain values. He calls back to the plant asking to double-check some parameters. People from the plant check the parameters, identify the error and report the correct values ​​back to the engineer who begins adding them to the spreadsheets (Excel or something similar). In this situation between the time of reception of the parameters and the time of adding them to the database there is time interval generated: for example, the data are checked at 8 pm, the engineer arrives to work at 9 am, additionally it will take several hours to solve the error. So that, the engineer will receive a report on what happened yesterday more or less by the lunch time. When using IDbox this does not happen: the engineer no more depends on anyone, he uses his username and password to log in the system, opens his session and starts working with the data of the plant in real-time.

So, the main advantage is to minimize time loss and inclusion of a human force, thus, we have a low probability of human error. What kind of applied taskscan be solved with IDbox?

Oleg Prorokov (NEOLANT): This is a product that can be used to solve many applied tasks in energy industry. For example, recently NEOLANT has won the tender to develop a specific system for Bilibino nuclear power plant (NPP). And when we showed the IDbox system to our customer, he immediately noticed that this solution can be applied for at least three areas.

The first joint project of the CIC and the NEOLANT for Bilibino nuclear power plant

Please, tell us a bit more about the project for Bilibino NPP. What kind of work will NEOLANT do? What role does CIC Consulting play in it?

Oleg Prorokov: We won the tender for modernization of intra reactor control system, the so-called “SVRK”. Under this project it is expected to create an information system to collect SVRK operational data from different sources into a single platform. The tasks solved by the IDbox are the same as required at Bilibino. Accordingly, together with CIC we have worked on technical requirements, made a technical proposal and won the project. The first stage of the tender will be the development of the technical design of the system.

If I am not mistaken, NEOLANT has a plan to introduce the IDbox product to other nuclear power plants, is it so?

Alexander Shkarin, NEOLANT: At this moment“Rosenergoatom” is creating a sectoral system for equipment reliability, NEOLANT is preparing a mock up for its implementation based on IDbox. This system is designed to acquire all technological and operational data from all power plants and its further detailed analysis by experts of a corresponding center that is being created now.

We showed IDbox during the meeting with representatives of the Equipment Reliability Department within Engineering Support department of “Rosenergoatom”. We also showed the product and our jointly developed solution based on IDbox product and three-dimensional model 3D.

It is an integrated product that provides its users quick access to engineering and technical information about the elements of the power generation block and industrial area of the nuclear power plant (industrial characteristics of the elements, engineering design, user manual and other documentation), it also allows the user to quickly turn from the element on the three-dimensional model to the current and historical data in IDbox, associated with the selected element on the 3D model.

The advantage of this product, to our mind, is just the possibility of the Equipment Reliability Center specialists to have an immediate access not only to the technological parameters of the power generating block, but also to the engineering and technical information stored in the 3D model.

Oleg Prorokov, NEOLANT: Integration of the IDbox with 3D model is very important because we have been working with many nuclear power plants already and have created 3D information models to support reactors decommissioning process. In the future all nuclear power plants in Russia are planned to be equipped with similar information systems. I would like to highlight the fact that the introduction of IDbox will enable creation of a system that will cover many stages of the life cycle of nuclear installations, starting from their design and ending with decommissioning.

Thank you. We wish you a successful implementation of your plans.

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