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NEOLANT is the ENVINET preferred partner in radioactive waste characterization in Russia


Atomic project

ENVINET a.s. company has been a well-known supplier of high quality equipment, innovative solutions and comprehensive services for the nuclear power and industry, radiation and chemical laboratories, educational institutions, research centers in the Czech Republic and abroad since 1995.

The careful attention of the regulatory authorities to the nuclear power industry requires the organization of works at the highest level of international quality standards. ENVINET is certified in accordance with: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 20000, ISO 27001.

ENVINET core business activities include:

  • Projects, engineering, supplies and services for nuclear power.
  • Measuring systems development, supply of equipment and services for ionizing radiation monitoring.
  • Production and maintenance of the ionizing radiation detectors.
  • Laboratory systems and technologies.
  • Automation in industrial and energy sectors.
  • Development and implementation of SW.

The dominant focus of the company is nuclear power industry, in which, inter alia, ENVINET implements the following comprehensive projects: measuring systems and spectrometric software supplies for radioactive waste characterization and free release measurement; chemical and radiation monitoring equipment, software and services; continuous and laboratory measurement of the physico-chemical parameters; measurement of noble gases activity in the ventilation stack; gamma spectrometric detection of steam generator leakages based on N16 activity concentration measurement; information systems covering all processes of radioactive waste, nuclear fuel management and NPP operation; LIMS, etc.

ENVINET is authorized by the State Office for Nuclear Safety and the Czech Metrology Institute for provision of free release measurement of radioactive waste. The company provides characterization measurement of all radioactive wastes originated from Dukovany and Temelin NPPs.

ENVINET characterization equipment is successfully used at the SUE SIA Radon Moscow (Russia), Ignalina NPP (Lithuania), Rivne NPP (the Ukraine), etc. The measuring systems are supplied together with ENVINET spectrometric software. The information systems developed by ENVINET cover all the processes of radioactive waste management, accounting and control of radioactive waste and nuclear fuel, monitoring and evaluation processes at the plant, radiation monitoring, laboratory data management (for chemical, radiochemical, radiometric and metrology laboratories).

In the Russian Federation ENVINET company is represented by the CJSC «NEOLANT» – the leader in the field of inter-system integration for energy complex and one of the four largest IT companies in the country. The customers of CJSC «NEOLANT» are the largest enterprises of the Russian nuclear industry, including NPPs, a number of organizations of the JSC «Concern Rosenergoatom» and the State Corporation «Rosatom», JSC.

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