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NEOLANT took part in the discussion of the capitalization of oil and gas expertise


April 29, "NEOLANT" acted as a Russian practitioner of information modeling and CAD and PLM data translation at the conference "The capitalization of oil and gas expertise. Standards for the exchange of industry data between industry participants".

The event is important for Russia because of:

  • current challenges of the design of mechanisms for effective management of industrial infrastructure and its
    competent development in the oil and gas industry;
  • adoption of the Federal Law 382 "On the state information system of the fuel and energy complex."
  • The speakers included several invited foreign experts:

  • Nils Sandsmark, the head of the POSC Caesar Association, dealing with the problems of open standardization of
    industrial data exchange technologies;
  • Ian Glendinning, director of the international JORD project to create a public digital library of reference data for
    designers and operators of industrial infrastructure objects;
  • Matthew West and Bill Bosler, consultants of leading companies in the field of knowledge management.
  • All the participants pointed out the lack of attention to the technologies of systems engineering and information management for the development of industrial infrastructure of the oil and gas industry in Russia.

    Ian Glendinning and Dmitry Dorobin behind the scenes of the conference

    Acquaintance of participants with the long experience of “NEOLANT” in introduction of information modeling for re-engineering facilities in the Russian nuclear industry has proved very useful. Dmitry Dorobin, the head of Department of Integration Solutions, "NEOLANT", presented a report on this topic at the conference.

    Today various CAD and PLM platforms are used in the design of complex engineering objects in the nuclear industry. "NEOLANT" has created formation tools for a unified information model of the project (UIMP) supplied to the customer by the results of design. Formation tools are being successfully implemented by “NEOLANT” and based on their own specialized technologies:

    • InterBridge, allows to organize cross-platform data broadcast from various CAD and PLM in UIMP;
    • InterView, used for visualization of UIMP data.

    "NEOLANT" also intends to use solutions based on open standard ISO 15926 in their  engineering projects for data exchange. For this purpose, an agreement between "NEOLANT" and Noumenon Consulting Ltd (UK), a developer of XMpLant (technology sharing 2D and 3D data between different CAD systems according to ISO 15926) was signed this spring.

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