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Press release: NEOLANT is a part of an international support ecosystem of Autodesk corporate clients


A meeting "Autodesk service in Russia and in the world - the development of cooperation with "NEOLANT" was held on February 15, 2013 where the Autodesk vice president of strategic solutions Jim Bailey, the experts from “NEOLANT” and representatives of major Russian fuel and energy complexes have discussed the development of Consulting System Integrator (CSI) program, launched by Autodesk in Russia in 2012.

The event was attended by representatives of Russian holdings: Rosatom, Gazprom, Transneft, RusGasEngineering.

The meeting was opened by Jim Bailey, the Autodesk vice president of strategic solutions. He recalled that one of the important focuses of Autodesk's performance is large corporate clients with their specific tasks. And especially for them, Autodesk develops CSI-program in the global ecosystem of support, consisting of three interacting structures: resellers, internal Autodesk consulting and CSI-partners.

Jim Bailey noted that by providing comprehensive consulting support CSI-ecosystem creates favorable conditions for the successful implementation of large engineering projects by corporate clients.

He also stressed that the CSI-ecosystem extends possibilities of Autodesk CSI-partners:

"The strength of the program lies in the fact that the Autodesk CSIpartners are not tied to their country and can communicate on a global scale, so "NEOLANT" can work with partners, as with customers from Europe, North America and South-East Asia," ,—
Jim Bailey said.

Pavel Hanzhenkov, the Autodesk director of Key Accounts, reported on the performance of Autodesk consulting division that is ready to support Russian clients and spoke about the benefits of its close cooperation with the "NEOLANT" in the CSI-ecosystem:

"Development of internal Autodesk consulting and CSI-ecosystem means that we can move to the Russian market the global expertise worked out of the various global projects. Here, we complement each other, because "NEOLANT" has an extensive local expertise and this symbiosis allows customers to realize the problems that they face today,",—
Commented Pavel Hanzhenkov.

Vitaly Kononov, general director of "NEOLANT", the only Autodesk CSI-partner in Russia, speaks about the appearing in connection with the development of CSI-ecosystem opportunities for CSI-partners:

"Participation in the Autodesk CSI-program gives us one more direction of access to the international market with our solutions and services. And at the moment we are actively working on it."

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