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Numerical Model to Perform Field Construction and to Operate Oil/Gas Field as an Important Step in Arranging the "Smart Field"


“Oil. Gas. Novations.”

Sh.A. Karibov, Director of Oil&Gas Department

Key words: numerical model, field construction and operation of oil/gas field, complex production automation, fuel and energy sector of economy.

The paper considers the numerical model in field construction and oil/gas field operation being the one designed by the experts from "NEOLANT" Company. This model is a comprehensive solution for actual problems in production Companies. The unified numerical model is intended for the application while designing the field construction concepts, planning its development for short-time and long-time perspectives, for undertaking the current administrative and design solutions as well as for the solution of a serious of other operation challenges. This model illustrates the fact that at present the IT-market has several practical solutions for the burning problems of the Companies working in fuel and energy sectors of the economy within the frames of a "second wave" of computerization.

Date of publication – January 2013

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