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3D Well Survey is Coming to Russia. Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler as a Tool to Create 3D Well Survey


Oil. Gas. innovations

G. Emelianova, I. Spivak, A. Shatokhin

The authors consider the reasons with the modern tendency related to transition from 2D geo-informative systems to 3D systems. They present the detailed software description of capabilities and practical application for conceptual 3D modeling of large territories – Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler. The system effectively solves various tasks in the area of civil construction, architecture, development of transport infrastructure, city planning. The authors present the as-build by “NEOLANT” projects while applying the well survey 3D procedure for the Customer in the name of Moscow city cultural heritage department and administration of Dubna, city of science, near Moscow

Key words: well survey, geo-informative systems, 3D Well Survey, 3D geo-informative systems, 3D area modeling, Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler, 3D model of the city

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