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Geographic Information System Data Management of Field Construction


Designing construction of oil and gas field surface facilities concepts with using of innovative IT-solutions - Geographic Information System Data Management of Field Construction (GIS DMFC) Conception of exploitation

The work description

Developing conception of surface facilities construction of Tevlinosko-Russkinsky field for OOO “LUKOIL – Zapadnaya Sibir” and her technical and feasibility study with using innovative IT-solution from “NEOLANT” - Geographic Information System Data Management of Field Construction (GIS DMFC).

GIS DMFC is spatio-temporal-financially digital model of oil and gas field infrastructure, created to support process of taking projects and management decisions.

System integrates the data from different sources – settlement systems, technical documentations etc., - and connects it to the surface facilities. All facilities and fields systems are interconnected, as in life, and reflected on an electronic map. Thus, a unified information environment, or a kind of Esperanto for different specialists: engineers, designers, economists, marketers - and managers, as well as forming an intuitive and graphic interface.


GIS DMFC is designed to develop concepts of surface facilities construction as for Russian as for foreign oil and gas fields.

Solving business problems:

  • Analysis and monitoring of the current state of the field through the settlement systems.
  • Evaluation of the technical admissibility of possible operations on surface facilities - construction, reconstruction, conservation, elimination - with the help of their virtual simulations.
  • Analysis of the effect of these operations on the infrastructure field as a whole and revealing the optimal sequence of their implementation over time, i.e. the planning of construction scheme development in the future.
  • Development of investment programs by automatically miscalculations of investment for each alternative development: all the operations carried out on virtual objects tied to their value.


GIS DMFC provides effective development concepts of oil and gas fields surface facilities construction for future years and support the tactical decision-making.

The system optimizes the cost of maintaining the effective functioning of fields and, consequently, contributes to profit from each petrodollar.

Innovative contribution

For the first time the market is realized the possibility of modeling the alleged field development on an extended interval of time with using technology timeline («timeliner»).

At first on the market the model is provided the relationship of three basic systems of surface infrastructure fields, responsible for the production and gathering of oil: oil-field system, maintain reservoir pressure and energy. That is why its using provides a balanced development of the field construction.

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