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NEOLANT Automatizes Work of an Oilfield Production Engineer



The NEOLANT Company has initiated the development of an information system called “The Oilfield Production Engineer Workstation” under the auspices of SSK and RREM LUKOIL-Komi. The System for Supporting, Controlling and Regulating of Field Development and Operation is being designed to ensure inputting, searching, viewing, processing and analyzing information of the operation of oil-producing facilities.

Fig. The Structure of “Oilfield Production Engineer Workstation” Software System.
Fig. The Structure of “Oilfield Production Engineer Workstation” Software System.

The Oilfield Production Engineer Workstation consists of a number of subsystems, which perform the following functions:

  • Data Visualization Subsystem is responsible for data representation and visualization and provides for displaying information obtained from different sources.
  • Subsystem for Operational Information Support provides a customer with a tool for performing calculation and analytical tasks in the course of production. Selecting downhole equipment and performing treatment-related calculations, etc., are in the planning stages.
  • Operating Data Input Subsystem ensures the possibility of continuously collecting data on principal production and operational processes for the facilities included in the system and to sort the said data depending on production operational stages. This subsystem performs data quality control on the basis of accuracy, up-to-date data collection, and consistency.
  • Subsystem for Monitoring Production Processes displays data received from the Operating Data Input Subsystem and creates graphical presentation (charts and schemes). It performs an analysis of compliance of the current production process status with scheduled project deadlines. The subsystem makes it possible to complete integrated plans for well stimulation operations at certain sites within the established timeframe. The data provided by the Subsystem for Monitoring Production Processes are designed for the on-line inspection of production crews’ and subcontractors’ operations.
  • Subsystem for External Data Support allows the storage of documents of external information systems, as well as unstructured data and scanned document images (reports, statements of equipment replacement, etc.) in convenient format, providing options of searching and pegging for oil production facilities.
  • Report Subsystem makes it possible to receive information, a variety of reports and excerpts based on the said information in ready-to-use format convenient for further analysis.
  • Technological Subsystem for Communication with External Systems enables the interaction and integration with external information systems and data storages.
  • Technological Subsystem for Safety and Administration is a support system ensuring the management of user’s access to various data categories of corporate geoportal and switching on certain functions for different catego-ries of users. In its turn, every subsystem consists of modules and blocks (see Fig.).

The “Oilfield Production Engineer Workstation” system is designed based on client-server architecture. The database functions under the operation of DBMS Oracle. Corporate reference books of LUKOIL are used as master data. Transferring data and communicating between the functional subsystems are performed through the ТСР/IP and HTTP protocols.

It is expected that the introduction of the present system will make it possible to deal on a more advanced level with the issues of accumulating, processing and visualizing of all types of information characterizing the business activities of an oil-and-gas producing enterprise, as well as production and operational processes. This will allow for increased effectiveness of decision making pertaining to the recovery of the remaining oil.

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