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UDOM GIS Presents Innovations for Management of Oil and Gas Fields Development



Selection of Field Infrastructure Area Development Variation in 2012.
Selection of Field Infrastructure Area Development Variation in 2012.

The NEOLANT Project engineering company, a subsidiary of NEOLANT company and a leading intersystem IT integrator, creates and substantiates its developmentstrategies based on the revolutionary quality level thanks to application of its proprietory cutting-edge information technologies. Such technologies include the UDOM GIS, the geoinformation system for field development data management.

UDOM GIS provides the following:

  • Cartographic data, i.e. locations of all field facilities including the amenity facilities, roads, bridges for the current time and modelled for subsequent years;
  • Technical and operating data in relation to each productive facility;
  • A system of critical indicators allowing the infrastructure status to be displayed depending on availability of problems and level of their criticality.

For the first time ever, the system has incorporated the timeliner principle, whereby the software’s upper screen should include multiple tabs. As you tear each one of them, you get a vivid presentation of the proposed field development for the specific time period (for example, development of infrastructure can be calculated on the yearly basis). Therefore, there is display image in progress based on development milestones like construction, recon-struction, preservation, and abandonment with allowance for commissioning of some new project elements and variation in the volumes of production/liquid injection and power consumption.

UDOM GIS offers the following functionalities:

  • Entering of technical and operating data;
  • Gathering of technical information about facilities;
  • Bringing some virtual modifications into the field infrastructure: construction, refurbishments, repairs, pres-ervation, and abandonment of various facilities;
  • Monitoring of potential field development by year based on incorporated modifications;
  • Visual representation of problem areas and future development options.

The UDOM GIS can be installed not only on PC’s, but also get integrated into the IT appliance developed by the NEOLANT engineers to provide ease of control thanks to the touch-interface feature. A more detailed account of the technology is available in the Oil&Gas Eurasia magazine, #7/8 2009 (July-August 2009).

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