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Elena Konvisar: Competition is the main engine


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Elena Konvisar, marketing director NEOLANT
Elena Konvisar, marketing director NEOLANT

— Everything that is demonstrated at Innovation Design Forum is a kind of a novelty for Russian companies. How would you explain to heads of enterprises the peculiar features and significance of IT used for sophisticated facilities life cycle management?

— Samples of information models of facilities are demonstrated at the forum. What is an information model, in our case based on 3D model? It is not just a graph or an image; in each case all the data related to any component, even to a smallest fastener, is shown together with the component. Moreover, the cost of a component of a large facility can be shown in the model at all stages of the project implementation including purchasing, construction, assembly, replacement, etc. It means that the information model contains engineer-ing and financial data as well as legal documents (for example, sale/purchase agreements). The company management understands what specific engineering decisions determine the cost and can manage it changing parameters of the model consciously.

— NEOLANT is an innovation firm that uses ready programs and information models. To succeed you must be just connoisseurs in information technologies. Can your experts be so good at the nuclear industry problems as to offer appropriate IT decisions to enterprises?

— According to our director, although we are an IT company, our specialists have at least two competences: they are supposed to be connoisseurs in information technologies and to know the peculiar character of the customers business. Frequently, as we perceive the problems of the industry’s enterprises not from within but from outside we understand them more deeply. In the process of communication with heads of companies representing the same industry we get to know the trends in its development, the needs of the industry and what kind of an IT product we can offer to solve the problems. We always start with the search for a ready decision, both of Russian and foreign developers, but when the decision is not existent, which happens quite frequently, we develop new applications for the platform that is available. Such practice ensures the predictability of a result, and this is very important for operation of sophisticated facilities.
Any development is boosted by competition, and it is not incidental that the nuclear industry has become the locomotive of introducing the most advanced technologies. Russia is eager to work in the western market, it wants to build NPPs worldwide, and to do so it must be competitive. That implies the necessity to introduce actively the most advanced IT technologies at enterprises. Otherwise we shall lag behind with lower parameters: duration of project development, duration of construction, financial figures when cost optimization provided by modern IT technologies is not used. In such expensive projects as NPP construc-tion each percent is of the paramount importance, the competition is tough, and the situation is the main engine of introducing new IT technologies.
Other branches of power production in Russia – heat-power engineering and hydropower engineering – do not compete with Western companies and are well protected in the domestic market, but if those who can build thermal power plants and hydropower stations quicker and at lower cost come to our market our companies must be ready to compete. That is why representatives of the branches other than nuclear industry attended the forum. They want to grasp the trends, to understand the essence of transformations and to introduce the best IT technologies at their enterprises. By the way, all power engineering specialists regardless of the branches they represent are interested in the issue of sectoral Equipment Catalogue. The nuclear power specialists have initiated the project which is important for all power production companies. This is a field where IT companies can exert efforts too.
The most important thing is to grasp a trend at the proper time and to be able to offer an appropriate solution of the problem faced by the industry.

— What is your vision of IT technologies prospects in Russia? Will they be used mainly in money-intensive branches such as power production or widely applied in all branches?

I’ll speak about our impressions. As an intersys-tem integrator NEOLANT has been engaged in life cycle management issues for seven years. And for seven years we were among the few who spoke about the need and significance of introducing information models in production sectors. It seems that today everyone has got to understand the importance of the issue. The process of introducing IT technologies in the life cycle management has become more intensive. At the same moment customers, vendors and other system integrators realized that further development is impossible without introduction of information technologies. We are ready to adapt to the boom having technologies and qualified personnel and hope that the process of introducing information technologies in Russia will accelerate.

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