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03.08.2018 Kozloduy NPP: the International Project of Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning is Implemented on the Basis of the Russian BIM Digital Decommissioning Developed by NEOLANT

The NEOLANT Group of companies, the developer of the software and hardware package, Digital Decommissioning has completed the first two phases of the Project 44: Development of an equipment dismantling project in the controlled access areas of Kozloduy nuclear power plant, units 1-4.

30.07.2018 NEOLANT Releases Digital Decommissioning for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities Efficiently

The NEOLANT Group of companies today released its newest software and hardware package, Digital Decommissioning for comprehensive engineering and radiation survey, developing decommissioning concepts, decommissioning designs, personnel training for decommissioning.

28.05.2018 A Review of Edoxx on Cooperation with NEOLANT Group
In this video, Jairo Fernandez, President of Edoxx Technical Services LLC (USA) is being interviewed about the partnership with NEOLANT Group.
07.03.2018 NEOSYNTEZ Worldwide Recognition: Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry Sector Appreciates Russian EDMS Developed by NEOLANT

Draga Company, a partner of NEOLANT Group of Companies (Russia), rendering services on digitalization of industrial assets on the territory of Nordic countries has represented Engineering Data Management System (EDMS) to be implemented throughout all stages of the industrial and infrastructure facilities NEOSYNTEZ at the annual conference Transforming Offshore Operations - Working with Digital Technology held in Norway.

05.10.2017 NEOLANT Extends Geographic Reach to Nordic Countries in Cooperation with Draga
The NEOLANT Group of Companies (Russia), which provides a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for industrial plant management, and Draga (Norway), a provider of services for the digitalization of industrial assets, signed the Partnership Agreement aimed distributing Russian-made BIM/IDMS technology throughout the Nordic region.
13.07.2017 Intergraph SmartPlant Foudation (Hexagon PPM) + InterStorage (NEOLANT) = Efficient Management of Large Process Facilities

The NEOLANT Group of Companies, which has been a partner of the Hexagon Company for many years, has released today its brand new software package InterStorage, which expands the potential of Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation in the sphere of managing engineering data with help of navigation through complex 3D model integrated from various CAD/BIM/PLM formats.

03.07.2017 IAEA Approved Technologies of Virtual Reality Developed by NEOLANT for Duplicating Worldwide

Experts of IAEA Operating Safety Analysis Review Team (OSART) during their mission to review state of Novovoronezh NPP in May 2017 highly appreciated the innovative technologies developed and implemented by NEOLANT GK in the creation of Practical and Theoretical Training Centre of the Novovoronezh NPP.

30.03.2017 IAEA Conducts Knowledge Management Assist Visit in Russia

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) led expert mission conducted this month in Russia looked into current approaches and practices on design knowledge management in nuclear organizations.

30.01.2017 NEOLANT&Co: First Participation of Russia in an Engineering Project on NPP Decommissioning in Eastern Europe

The Russian-German Consortium joining NEOLANT Group of Companies, EWN, and Nukem will develop a project of Kozloduy NPP Units 1-4 decommissioning in Bulgaria. This project is expected to become the first one of this kind in Eastern European to execution of which Russian companies will be admitted.

16.11.2016 NEOLANT Represents Russian NEOSYNTEZ PLM-System in the IAEA

NEOLANT Group of Companies, Russian developer of information modeling technologies, presented NEOSYNTEZ the Russian PLM-System (PLM Plant Lifecycle Management) for industrial and civil enterprises during the Third International Conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management Challenges and Approaches held in Vienna, Austria, 7-11 November 2016. The event was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.

08.08.2016 NEOLANT Enters US Market through Edoxx Technical Services

NEOLANT Group is pleased to announced that it has entered into an agreement with Edoxx Technical Services to distribute its processing plant information modeling software in the USA, Canada, and Latin America. Through the partnership agreement, Edoxx will deliver NEOLANTs flagship software and provide services in the area of large-scale design, construction, and operations.

14.07.2016 NEOLANTs Video Success Story: the as-Built 3D Information Model of the Angstrem-T Submicron Semiconductor Manufacturing Foundry
The video shows how the information modeling of a complex engineering facilitates efficient performing functions of General Contractor and field supervision.
13.07.2016 NEOLANT Offers Software Services on the Base of Intergraph Software Platform to Manage Complex Engineering Facilities

    NEOLANT demonstrates how the Intergraphs innovative solutions help to create a common plant information space and support transferring the information from a life cycle stage of process facilities to other stages and effectively solve the following tasks:

  • For design: reduced period of work and improved quality.
  • For construction: reduced period of work, lower expenditures, and increased safety.
  • For operation and decommissioning: higher efficiency of process management and increased safety.
07.07.2016 Hydroproject (RusHydro) and NEOLANT: Multidimensional Modeling for the Global Hydropower Industry

JSC “Institute Hydroproject” and NEOLANT Group of Companies signed the cooperation agreement to promote and implement projects ofPJSC RusHydroon the basis of multidimensional modeling technologies in the design, reconstruction/construction and operation of hydropower facilities in Russia and abroad.

02.06.2016 NEOLANT Releases SOMOX for Real-time Monitoring and Construction Project Management
The NEOLANT Group of companies today released its newest software package, SOMOX for monitoring and managing construction projects. The versatile program helps automate the planning and management process, as well as monitor construction progress and work with network schedules for effective 4D-6D planning of industrial and civil facilities of any complexity.
10.05.2016 InterBridge is in Demand in a Large Engineering Company to Create Complicated Engineering Objects Around the World

NEOLANT being a rightholder of InterBridge – a software to create and view a unified Information Model of large-scale process facilities based on different CAD and PLM platforms, has implemented a project on the InterBridge adoption in SE Group of Companies one of the largest EPC, EPCm and PMC companies in the world.

24.12.2015 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Group of Companies NEOLANT wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
16.12.2015 WorldCAD Access: Neolant Says InterBridge Far Better than Navisworks

NEOLANT freely admits that CAD vendors have their own products, and that InterBridge (their server-based data viewer and manipulator for 2D and 3D files from CAD and PLM systems) is not first to the market. And so their job is to convince customers that InterBridge is worth a look against competitors like Autodesk Navisworks, Intergraph SmartPlan Review, and Bentley Navigator.

09.12.2015 NEOLANT for IAEA: the Global Nuclear Industry is One Step Away from Information and Technological Revolution

Expert of NEOLANT represented Russia as longstanding user of information simulation for nuclear facilities on the Consultancy Meeting to Finalize the Document on Application of the Modern Plant Information Models (PIM) to Support and Manage Design Knowledge throughout Nuclear Power Plant Life Cycle held in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, 16-20 November 2015.

08.12.2015 New InterBridge Software Creates 3D Infrastructure Information Models
NEOLANT Russia is ready to launch its InterBridge software on the international market. The company is targeting large-scale facilities in areas such as industrial and civil construction. InterBridge performs on-line translations of graphical and semantic 2D/3D data between cross-platform CAD and PLM systems. This enables users to convert and view shared 2D and 3D models. Naturally, InterBridge is not the only conversion and visualization product on the market for EDMS (engineering data management systems). CAD and PLM vendors have their own convertors and viewers; until now, NEOLANTs own offering was no different. However, InterBridge is being released as standalone software that any enterprise can now purchase to solve their design, construction management, operations, and decommissioning tasks.
22.09.2015 NEOLANT: Nuclear Expert of International Level
For the first time The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM held the  Russian  exhibition  Future  Engineering  is  Today  and  Briefing dedicated  to  NPP Throughout  Life  Cycle  Management  (LCM)  in  Vienna (Austria)  at  the  IAEA  General  Conference  14  to  16  September  2015. NEOLANT,  jointly  with  ASE,  served  as  co-organizer  of  the  events  and expert in development and implementation of LCM technologies solving practical tasks of NPP operation and decommissioning.
19.09.2015 NEOLANT Has Prospectives in Collaboration with China in Industrial Facility Lifecycle Management IT-Support
Group of Companies NEOLANT (Russia) reported at the XIV Session of Subcommittee on Telecom and Information Technologies of Russian-Chinese Commission for Preparing of Regular Meetings of Government Heads held 14 to 17 September 2015 in Moscow.
18.09.2015 Press Release: NEOLANT Expanded the Presence of the Russian Federation at the IAEA General Conference
NEOLANT, jointly with ASE (Atomstroyexport-NIAEP-Atomenergoproekt), under the aegis of The State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM held a special event representing technologies of the NPP Throughout Life Cycle Management (LCM) at the IAEA General Conference 14 to 16 September in Vienna.
09.09.2015 InterBridge: Video Tutorials

Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) offers to examine InterBridge capabilities at your working place by watching video tutorials.

Go to InterBridge Page

01.09.2015 Rosatom, Atomstroyexport and NEOLANT invite you to the 59th Session of the IAEA General Conference
The 59th Session of the IAEA General Conference, the key annual event for global nuclear community, is set 14 to 18 September 2015 at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) in Vienna, Austria. Ministerial authorized representatives and high-ranking officials of nuclear organizations will attend the event to consider a range of issues relating peaceful use of atomic energy and exchange scientific-technical information and best practices.
14.08.2015 NEOSYNTEZ: Functional Capabilities Demonstration Video

Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) offers to examine NEOSYNTEZ capabilities at your working place by watching a demonstration video.


18.06.2015 Plant Information Modeling from NEOLANT for Spanish Industry

Group of Companies NEOLANT (Russia) represented unparalleled experience of effective NPP operation and decommissioning support using processes of plant information modeling at the Madrid Monitoring Day held in Spain June 11, 2015.

10.06.2015 PLM (Plant Lifecycle Management) Software Developed by NEOLANT for Infrastructure Facility Management Support: NEOSYNTEZ

Group of companies NEOLANT offers new product NEOSYNTEZ for industrial and civil construction market - Russian PLM/PDM software that allows the engineering data to be managed throughout the whole lifecycle of an infrastructure facility.


09.06.2015 InterBridge: New Features

Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia), InterBridge copyright holder, software for the on-line translation of graphic and semantic 2D/3D data between cross-platform CAD and PLM that enables the development and view of a shared 2D/3D model of large-scale processing facilities, offers advanced functionality and new ways to get acquainted with the product.

Go to InterBridge Page

08.06.2015 NEOLANT (Russia), NUVIA (France), ENVINET (Czech Republic) at ATOMEXPO: Engineering with IT Innovations to Support Nuclear Industry
At the VII International Forum ATOMEXPO 2015, Group of Companies NEOLANT, NUVIA and ENVINET announced their willingness to provide full-range engineering and IT-support to Russian nuclear industry through their own joined unique expertise.
05.06.2015 Innovations in the NPP seismic isolation and fire protection: NUVIA (France) comes to Russia as a partner of NEOLANT
Group of Companies NEOLANT (Russia), the supplier of engineering services and plant information modeling technologies for the RF nuclear engineering, and NUVIA (France), one of the European nuclear leading engineering and production enterprises and a Company of the worldwide known Holding VINCI, signed a partnership agreement.
21.04.2015 NEOLANT, Russia and PTC, USA Entered Into a Contract of Partnership

Upcoming joint projects include implementation of PTC Windchill PLM system designed for data management automation at JSC SverdNIIchimmash (Rosatom) Russian engineering and fabrication company.

12.03.2015 3D Interface of Information Support Systems of Complex Industrial Facilities Construction and Operation

CLUB 3D: Innovative Engineering Design

On the market for industrial application, a 3D graphical interface is an easy tool for users work with complex information systems for an industrial structure life cycle support. An interesting peculiarity of such interfaces is that their implementation is a correct repeated use of project data to create such an object.
10.03.2015 User Group Conference Intergraph PP&M Russia & CIS 2015: Invitation
Group of Companies NEOLANT (Russia) being strategic partner of Intergraph in Russian Federation and utilizing Plant Information Modeling for many years is pleased to invite you and your professionals to participate in User Group Conference Intergraph PP&M Russia & CIS 2015 on April 8-9, 2015 in Sochi, Russia.
22.01.2015 NUKEM and NEOLANT: Back-End Stage of Global Nuclear Industry is in Good Hands
NUKEM Technologies GmbH, Germany and Group of Companies NEOLANT, Russia concluded strategic agreement on cooperation in field of complex engineering support at final stage of nuclear facilities life cycle (called back-end) in Russia and other countries of the world.
12.01.2015 First Visit to China: NEOLANT Presented its PIM Technologies for Nuclear Industry in Shanghai
Group of Companies NEOLANT (Russia) presented its unique experience in development and application of Plant Information Models (PIM) for nuclear facilities at International Nuclear Plant Operation and Maintenance Conference in Shanghai, China (INPOM).
25.12.2014 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas & H​appy New Year!
23.12.2014 NEOLANT Presents Simulators and Simulation Models in IAEA

Digital Engineering and Design Center (Group of Companies NEOLANT, hereinafter NEOLANT) one of the constant visitors of IAEA meetings took part in a regular Technical Meeting on Preparation of Guidance Documents on Life Cycle Management of Design Knowledge hosted by IAEA Headquarter in Vienna (Austria).

Watch the Presentation
04.12.2014 NEOLANT Became a Member of Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce
Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) stands ready to work with Finnish nuclear industry and to offer complex engineering and IT solutions in support of nuclear power plant management. New NPP construction projects have a particular relevance in Finland and NEOLANT has an extensive experience in support capital construction projects management that allow optimization of facility construction and integration.
28.11.2014 Computer-Based Simulators, Training and Virtual Reality Tools as a Part of Design Knowledge Management: Survey by NEOLANT for IAEA

Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) presents the survey "Computer-Based Simulators, Training and Virtual Reality Tools as a Part of Design Knowledge Management (Russian experience)" prepared special for IAEA Conference: Technical Meeting on Preparation of a Guidance Document on Life Cycle Management of Design Knowledge, 24 28 November 2014, Vienna, Austria.

Read the Survey
24.11.2014 China Hi-Tech Fair Results: China Industrial Plants Need to Manage by Innovative Information Technologies
Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) presented their advanced IT-expertise in support for industrial plants at the China Hi-Tech Fair Exhibition that took place on November 16-21, 2014 in Shenzhen.
17.11.2014 NEOLANT (Russia) Is Ready to Support Safe Decommissioning of German Nuclear Power Plants
Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) presented advanced Russian technologies for nuclear and radiation facilities decommissioning and radioactive waste management at the 3rd International Conference on Nuclear Decommissioning, Essen (Germany), October 28th-30th 2014.
21.10.2014 The Open Innovations Forum Results: China Is Interested in Technologies by NEOLANT (Russia) for Nuclear Industry
The expertise of Group of companies NEOLANT (Russia) in the field of nuclear industry solutions attracted interest of Chinese experts at the Moscow International Open Innovations Forum that took place on October 14-16, 2014, in Technopolis Moscow, Russia.
17.10.2014 WNE Tribune: Six of the Best from NEOLANT
The NEOLANT GROUP from Russia has six different technologies on show at International World Nuclear Exhibition.
08.10.2014 Russian Technologies by NEOLANT: for the First Time at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris

Group of companies NEOLANT will present their unique expertise in engineering and IT support for Russian nuclear industry to the international community at the International World Nuclear Exhibition that will take place on October 14-16, 2014 in Paris.

30.09.2014 IAEA: NEOLANT Technologies and Experience in Plant Information Modeling for Nuclear Industry are Internationally in Demand

Group of companies NEOLANT, Digital Design and Engineering Centre, presented their unique expertise in the field of information modeling for Russian nuclear facilities in a meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, under the title Application of the Modern Plant Information Models to Support and Manage Design Knowledge throughout NPP Life Cycle.

08.09.2014 Unified Plant 3D Information Model Based on Various 2D/3D CAD/PLM Data Conversion with Application of InterBridge Technology

Group of companies NEOLANT, Russian supplier of engineering and IT solutions in support of plant management for nuclear and power generation industries, demonstrates InterBridge various 2D/3D CAD/PLM data conversion into a unified plant 3D information model

Watch the Presentation
05.09.2014 The Plant Information Management and Application of the Plant Information Models (PIM) in Russia: Survey by NEOLANT for IAEA

Group of companies NEOLANT, Russian supplier of engineering and IT solutions in support of plant management for nuclear and power generation industries, presents the survey on the plant information management and application of the Plant Information Models (PIM) in Russia prepared special for IAEA.

Read the Survey
02.09.2014 NEOLANT Became a Member of the Expert Council under Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
The group of companies NEOLANT representative Became a Member of the Expert Council concerning the use of cloud computing under Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation.
21.08.2014 TUV SUD: The Quality Management System of NEOLANT Meets ISO 9001:2008

Advanced specialization of NEOLANT was considered during the certification rendering engineering services along with services in the field of information technology.

20.08.2014 NPP Units "Decommissioning Database" Information System Based on Intergraph PLM Platform

NEOLANT was the selected engineering company for the decommissioning of power generation units at Smolensk, Bilibino, and Kola Nuclear Power Plants. The contractor needed to create an effective information support system to support the whole capital life-cycle management of the project, maintaining data integrity and accuracy of engineering information.

Read the Case Study
12.08.2014 NEI Magazine: NEOLANT Participates in the Development of Multi-D Technology an Innovative Project Management System for the Construction of Complex Engineering Facilities

The Multi-D technology, which is based on a three dimensional visual model, offers a range of tools to model in detail construction and installation processes, to optimize numerous aspects of NPP construction early in preparatory stages, to review various scenarios of resources management and, if necessary, to introduce changes into 3D model for optimization.

Read the Article
05.08.2014 Engineering 3D Models for Support of Nuclear Power Units Operation, Maintenance, Radiation Safety and Decommissioning

NEOLANT, Russian supplier of engineering and IT solutions for the enterprises of fuel-energy complex, demonstrates unique technologies in the world - Engineering 3D Models for Support of Nuclear Power Units Operation, Maintenance, Radiation Safety and Decommissioning.

Watch the presentation
28.07.2014 The Updated IAEA Recommendations Will Include the Experience in the Field of NPP Decomissioning by NEOLANT
In the course of consultative meeting held in Germany by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the Digital Design and Engineering Center by the group of companies NEOLANT shared with the Russian experience how to use engineering information models to support NPP units decommissioning. The meeting resulted a decision to put NEOLANTs experience in IAEA recommendatory database for nuclear industry worldwide.
22.07.2014 NEOLANT in Lithuania Presented the Unique Experience in the World in the Field of Decommissioning of the Uranium-Graphite Reactors
The group of companies NEOLANT, Digital Design and Engineering Center, presented the Russian experience gained in terms of engineering and information support at the decommissioning of nuclear and radiation facilities during The International Research and Practice Seminar entitled Decommissioning of the uranium-graphite reactors in Lithuania.
01.07.2014 NEOLANT Shares the Russian Experience of NPP Decommissioning with Eastern Europe
The group of companies NEOLANT, a designer and active provider of information modeling for Fuel & Energy Complex, presented the experience in Information Support Systems for Decommissioning creation at the International Nuclear Forum Bulgarian Nuclear Power Industry - National, Regional and World Safety (BULATOM).
19.06.2014 Intergraph and NEOLANT Join Efforts to Implement Effective and Safe Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants
The experts of the group of companies NEOLANT presented to the western market russian-based competencies in terms of information support of NPP decommissioning at HxGN LIVE 2014 - Las Vegas International Conference.
17.06.2014 SmartPlant Technology to Support Engineering and Radiation Survey for Nuclear Decommissioning
On 2-5 June 2014 NEOLANT took part in international conference HxGN LIVE and delivered a report Using SmartPlant Technology to Support Engineering and Radiation Survey for Nuclear Decommissioning. You can look at the presentation and discover what the information management system for NPP decommissioning is.
05.04.2014 Now You Can Follow Us in Social Media!

You can find all NEOLANTs latest news in social media.​

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15.03.2014 NEOLANT and INTERGRAPH Five Years of Success in Russia Nuclear Industry
NEOLANT and INTERGRAPH have marked the 5th anniversary since their partnership in Russia was established. Achievements made so far include:
  • transformation of SmartPlant Enterprises tools into CAD and PLM standards to build information models (IM) of Russias operating nuclear power units;
  • adaptation of SmartPlant Enterprise platform to application for NPP 2006 and VVER-TOI innovative designs;
  • use of SmartPlant Enterprise to support Smolensk, Bilibino, Kolsk, Novovoronezh NPPs decommissioning.
  • 20.02.2014 Cross-Industry Engineering & Information Technologies Forum NEW RUSSIA: Invitation
    We are pleased to invite you to CROSS-INDUSTRY ENGINEERING & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES FORUM: NEW RUSSIA which shall be held on April 16, 2014 in Moscow in the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    17.01.2014 Leningrad NPP: Quarter of Life Spent with NEOLANT
    The 40 years anniversary was celebrated at the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant in the end of December. During the quarter of this period the Group of Companies NEOLANT provides an active IT and Engineering support to the Leningrad NPP that is the first NEOLANTs customer among the Russian NPPs.
    20.12.2013 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    22.11.2013 The Project of Kursk Power Station and JSC NEOLANT is a Winner of 2013 Be Inspired Awards
    Information Support System for Decommissioning Kursk Nuclear Power Plant the project of Kursk Power Station and NEOLANT received the Special Recognition Award Sustaining Our Environment and became a finalist in nomination Innovation in Asset Lifecycle Information Management on Be InspiredAwards by Bentley Systems.
    14.11.2013 CIC Consulting and NEOLANT: Integration Solutions for Enterprises of Energy Industry of Russia
    25.10.2013 Human Factor in CAD Implementation: How to Keep the Technological Processes Knowledge and Engineering Skills
    OIL INDUSTRY Publishing House
    07.10.2013 Information Modeling of Fuel-and-Energy Complex Objects
    OIL INDUSTRY Publishing House
    12.08.2013 Interview with Vitaliy Kononov: NEOLANT included into top 20 rank of the most rapidly growing IT-companies in Russia
    Group of rating agencies Expert RA included NEOLANT into top 20 rank of the most rapidly growing IT-companies by the results of 2012. Vitaliy Kononov, NEOLANT CEO, was interviewed by Media company The Mergermarket Group (a part of the Financial Times Group) about this question.
    13.06.2013 Forum Multi-D: subscription of understanding memorandum between CJSC NEOLANT and JSC NIAEP JSC Atomstroyexport (ASE)
    13.05.2013 NEOLANT took part in the discussion of the capitalization of oil and gas expertise
    April 29, "NEOLANT" acted as a Russian practitioner of information modeling and CAD and PLM data translation at the conference "The capitalization of oil and gas expertise. Standards for the exchange of industry data between industry participants".
    29.04.2013 Experience of Implementation of Information Technologies for Preparation for the Decommissioning and Decommissioning
    21.02.2013 Press release: NEOLANT is a part of an international support ecosystem of Autodesk corporate clients
    14.02.2013 Numerical Model to Perform Field Construction and to Operate Oil/Gas Field as an Important Step in Arranging the "Smart Field"
    Oil. Gas. Novations
    06.12.2012 Gazproms strategy in the east of Russia
    04.12.2012 The international natural gas market
    01.10.2012 NEOLANT for Russian nuclear industry: IT support for all stages of the industry objects' lifecycle
    Club 3D. Innovative ingineering design
    28.08.2012 Autodesk confirms: NEOLANT is the consultant system integrator of Autodesk
    09.07.2012 NEOLANT is the ENVINET preferred partner in radioactive waste characterization in Russia
    Atomic project
    02.07.2012 Creation of as-build three-dimensional model at the Leningrad NPP by means of laser scanning
    Club 3D. Innovative ingineering design
    26.06.2012 NEOLANT is Autodesk CSI partner
    06.06.2012 The JSC NEOLANT's Key Ideas and Aspects for InterBridge, InterView, and InterStorage Technologies Implementation to Create NPP Unit Life Cycle Management System
    Club 3D. Innovative ingineering design
    27.03.2012 3D Well Survey is Coming to Russia. Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler as a Tool to Create 3D Well Survey
    Oil. Gas. innovations
    07.10.2011 The NPP Unit 3D Engineering Model-Based Application
    Club 3D. Innovative ingineering design
    07.10.2011 Background for creation and usage of integrated database on the ground of 3D engineering models for operation, maintenance and safety of nuclear power plant units
    Club 3D. Innovative ingineering design
    12.09.2011 Elena Konvisar: Competition is the main engine
    Atomic project
    28.04.2011 Computerized Identification for Oil and Gas Processing Plants
    Oil&Gas EURASIA
    01.03.2011 Application of NPP Power Unit 3D Information Models as the Base for Information Support of Their Life Cycle
    Club 3D. Innovative ingineering design
    21.01.2011 Practical Experience in Applying Modern Instruments that Accompany the Processes of Designing, Construction and Operation of Oil and Gas Industry Objects
    Oil. Gas. innovations
    22.11.2010 Geographic Information System Data Management of Field Construction
    Geographic Information System Data Management of Field Construction
    01.10.2010 Management of engineering and operational data on the basis of the information technologies
    Management of engineering and operational data on the basis of the information technologies
    01.11.2009 UDOM GIS Presents Innovations for Management of Oil and Gas Fields Development
    Oil&Gas EURASIA
    01.06.2009 ITable data at your fingertips: a new NEOLANT project
    Oil&Gas EURASIA
    01.04.2008 NEOLANT Automatizes Work of an Oilfield Production Engineer
    Oil&Gas EURASIA
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