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InterStorage for SPF

    InterStorage for SPF is a technology developed by NEOLANT Group of Companies, a long-term partner of the Intergraph Company, expanding capabilities of Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation (SPF) with functions as follow:

  • Conversion, integration and publishing of a integrated information model from different CAD systems/PLM in the SmartPlant Foundation repository considering graphical and semantic data.
  • Quick review of the integrated model of any as large as desired plant/plants directly in the SmartPlant Foundation environment.
  • Visualization of the whole plant and its components with their data; the data to be indicated can be selected manually or by query in the SmartPlant Foundation environment.
  • Automatic detection of collisions in the integrated model integrating data from different CAD systems/PLM in the SmartPlant Foundation environment.

NEOLANT holds the InterStorage copyright.

Reasons to Use the InterStorage

Usage of the single information model for a plant to review and obtain data provides crucial advantage in making managerial and engineering decisions throughout all stages of the facility lifecycle from design to operation, including renovation and retrofitting.

The single information model integrated data from various sources makes it possible immediately to obtain information on any model element: simple indication of an element opens all related documentation. Flexible research and data/elements visualization tooling significantly accelerates the situation analysis.

The single information model of a plant and the data focusing system of SmartPlant Foundation engineering information management (Plant Lifecycle Management) with procedures of information updating makes it possible to incorporate in a common informational field an operating organization, as well as construction, repair, scientific and research entities, and subcontractors providing all of them with up-to-date information and increasing efficiency of their interaction.

InterStorage Architecture for SPF

    InterStorage technology is implemented through integration of several solutions developed by NEOLANT; the scheme below represents architecture of the system, namely:

  • InterBridge is a universal translator of 2D/3D models that facilitates integration of data obtained from different CAD/PLM (Autodesk, AVEVA, Bentley, Intergraph, etc.) in a single model using its own format: *.p3db.
  • InterView is a tool to view 2D/3D models, visualize data, and detect collisions.
  • InterStorage is an extended version of SPF PLM-platform that provides the capabilities listed below:
    • Integration and publishing of a single information model in SPF in the *.p3db format generated by means of InterBridge from various CAD/PLM systems,
    • Integration with SPF of the InterView tooling to review and handle the generated single model.

Performance and Model Scale

    InterStorage has a modern data centric architecture. The optimized *.p3db format of 2D/3D data used in the InterStorage is dozens of times more compact than other analogous formats. It allows users to operate highly detailed 2D/3D information models of a large engineering facility (as an NPP or an oil and gas refinery plant) entirely rather than by parts. Basic SPF configuration is supplemented with the following features:

  • Significant improvement in 3D model visualization performance.
  • Decreasing size of a 3D model file significantly and accelerating the 3D model loading through the network.
  • Avoiding excessive decomposition of the plant 3D model for different manipulations.
  • High performance and stability of models visualization avoiding use of high power graphic stations; the same features are kept even for desktop computers making possible to reduce expenditures for reequipping workplaces of SPF users.

Expanded Visualization Capabilities

Use of InterStorage in the SPF environment provides expanded capabilities in review of the plant and its components. A user may indicate them manually in the window displaying 2D/3D model or make the selection by criteria.

    Options of model visualization and navigation:

  • Criteria visualization (as an example, colour indication of model elements subject to attributes value).
  • Displaying unselected objects in the semi-transparent mode.
  • Dynamic cross-sections of a models in six planes at a user's discretion.
  • Transitions between 2D and 3D graphical representations.
  • Automatic generation of specification by selected components.
Pink colour distinguishes equipment selected by criterion: dry weight is greater than 130 tons
Pink colour distinguishes equipment selected by criterion: dry weight is greater than 130 tons

Available Data Formats

InterStorage significantly enhances capabilities of the SmartPlant Foundation adjusting it to external formats of 2D/3D data and allows SPF users to be independent from external companies and their CAD/PLM formats. The tool is useful for creation of a single model of a large plant because, when designing and/or creating 3D model, a number of CAD developed by various vendors was used.

InterBridge, as part of InterStorage, maintains conversion of most of widely used CAD systems/PLM platforms.

The list of available formats is wide. By order, NEOLANT implements data interchange for other CAD systems/PLM formats or in compliance with open standards (SAT, STEP, ISO 15926, etc).

Vendor Product Family Software Product File Extension
Autodesk AutoCAD AutoCAD 2000-2017 .dwg*
Plant 3D 2011-2017,
and other AutoCAD-based applications
Revit Revit 2012-2017 .rvt*
Inventor Inventor 2011-2017 .iam*, .ipt*
Navisworks Navisworks 4.0-2017 .nwd, .nwc
ASCON KOMPAS KOMPAS-3D V14-V16 .а3d*, .m3d*
AVEVA Engineering PDMS/E3D/Review .rvm, .att, .rvs, .rvz, .txt
P&ID .dwg, Database
Bentley MicroStation MicroStation J/V8/XM/V8i .dgn (V7), .dgn (V8)*
PlantSpace Design Series
AutoCAD AutoPLANT Plant Design .dwg*
CEA-Technology Plant-4D Plant-4D V7-Athena 3 Database
Dassault Systemes CATIA CATIA V5 R21 x86 .CATProduct*, .CATPart*, .3dxml
Intergraph GeoMedia GeoMedia v.5 Database*
PDS PDS .dgn (V7), .dgn (V8)* , .drv, .isff, .dri, .zip
CadWorx CadWorx Plant Professional/Review .vue, .mdb2
SmartPlant 3D/Review .vue , .xml, .mdb2, .svf, .zvf, .sha
P&ID .pid, .sym
Electrical .spe
SmartSketch .igr
PTC Creo Parametric Creo Parametric 2.0 .asm*, .prt*

*Suitable software is to be installed to read the above mentioned data formats with the use of InterBridge. In some cases, it can be enough to install a viewing version.

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