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SOMOX software automates the planning, management, and control of construction project scheduling, providing clients an effective 4D-6D construction planning tool for industrial and civil facilities of any size and complexity.


When implementing complex construction projects, you need to present all construction processes in a clear form to project stakeholders. Even skilled experts normally need a significant amount of time to determine activities schedules and allocate activities correctly between general contractors and subcontractors. With SOMOX, NEOLANT provides a speedy approach that unites 3D models, all engineering data, and information on the installation and construction progress.

    Our Approach Provides Benefits

  • Coordinating and optimizing the work of all involved at the building site.
  • Working in a environment that shares information through a uniform project database with integrated 3D models.
  • Monitoring online and controlling the construction process.
  • Generating daily and weekly assignments on the basis of the activities schedule and 3D models.

    4D-6D Modeling of Construction Projects

  • General Contractor and Subcontractors access effective planning of work and timely change management.
  • Head Designer optimizes design concepts on the construction process.
  • Developers and Customers have on-line access to project data, such as work status and allocation distribution.
  • Customers – Customers receive the current status of the construction process on a timely basis.

Functional Capabilities

SOMOX consists of a set of complementary modules that can be expanded as required. Based on the customer’s needs, additional modules can be added while basic ones eliminated, and so the customer determines the final cost of the product.

Fig. 1. Management of the work order and due dates through a 3D model in SOMOX
Fig. 1. Management of the work order and due dates through a 3D model in SOMOX
Fig. 2. Visualization of the construction process in SOMOX
Fig. 2. Visualization of the construction process in SOMOX

    SOMOX Modules

  • Import/Export Diagrams
    • Imports XML and XER (Primavera exchange format) diagrams.
    • Develops and manages project’s hierarchical structure (EPS).
    • Presents data from the activities schedule in flexible formats.
    • Exports diagrams in XML and XER format.
  • Create/Import 3D Model-Diagram Links
    • Creates links manually or automatically based on tailor-made linking rules and attributes of 3D elements and works.
    • Customizes import of 3D model-diagram links in flexible formats.
  • Job Optimization
    • Manages work orders and due dates using 3D models.
    • Visualizes the construction process in 4D.
  • Daily and Weekly Assignments Development and Management
    • Automates daily and weekly assignments from the 3D model.
    • Optionally generates daily and weekly assignments using tailor-made templates based on customer-defined tasks.
    • Optionally attaches daily and weekly assignments with all related documents, including screenshots of 3D models and summaries.
    • Monitors the actual state of individual tasks, daily and weekly assignments, and the facility in general.
    • Inputs actual data from the installation and construction work.
    • Generates daily and weekly assignments on the basis of the activities schedule.
  • Subcontractor Module
    • Coordinates work tickets in electronic or paper format.
    • Views 3D models and attached documents.
    • Inputs actual data from installation and construction work.
    • Can be used on-site with Windows-based tablets.
  • Report Generation
    • Customizes templates that generate reports using any data in Excel spreadsheet format.

Advantages to Our Approach

    4D Integration of Activities Schedules with 3D Data Models

  • Virtual modeling of the construction process, both planned and as-built.
  • Analysis and optimization of project work sequences.
  • Collision detection.
  • Tracking of actual installation and construction work progress.

    Automated Daily and Weekly Assignment Management

  • Coordination of a work tasks; simplification of daily and weekly assignments coordination processes from the direct links between customers and contractors.
  • Customization of daily and weekly assignment cards with a fully flexible data structure.
  • Attach daily and weekly assignments documents in any format, such as Word, Excel, jpg, and pdf.
  • Manage daily and weekly assignments revisions.
  • Allocate work groups.
  • Generate reports.

Inter-Platform Data Translation

Fig.3. Large-scale information model of an NPP reactor block and turbine hall
Fig.3. Large-scale information model of an NPP reactor block and turbine hall

To translate and view 2D/3D CAD/PLM data and 3D models, SOMOX is seamlessly integrated into NEOLANT’s exclusive InterBridge translation software.

  • Imports models from most popular CAD formats.
  • Unifies all project parts developed in various CAD systems into a single model, including graphics and semantic structures.
  • Convenient viewing of the most large-scale models* on different devices, with easy sharing.
  • Detects collisions:
    • Controls design quality.
    • Determines designer supervision issues.
    • Creates as-built 3D models and as-built documentation.
    • Searches and eliminates project collisions.

* The characteristics of large-scale information model of an NPP reactor block and turbine hall: 150,000 tones – total mass of 400,000 elements 4 ,000 items of equipment
12 km of air pipes
10, 000 vent elements
120, 000 seams
100 km of pipes in straight sections
55 MB model size in P3DB format
Only 9 seconds needed to open a model as DGN format

Fig.4. Work Ticket Management in SOMOX
Fig.4. Work Ticket Management in SOMOX

SOMOX Integration With PLM Systems

SOMOX has the flexibility to integrate with your Plant Lifecycle Management system, as well as our own NEOSYNTEZ plant lifecycle management system, to manage engineering data at all stages of a facility’s lifecycle.

Advantages to SOMOX

The SOMOX technology has already proved itself successful at constructing six nuclear power plants in Russia and abroad.

International experts estimate that approved techniques for visualizing planning and automated releases of work tickets in large-scale construction projects decreases project costs by 10%. It reduces expenses from equipment downtime, and increases labor productivity by 25%. (Study conducted by the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, an expert group on construction efficiency at

The software was developed using the systems pioneered by the engineering company JSC NIAEP - JSC Atomstroyexport, a strategic partner of NEOLANT GC.

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