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Group of companies NEOLANT offers complex engineering and IT solutions in support of plant management for nuclear and power generation industries. The solutions are based on the extensive IT expertise and industry-specific sets of knowledge the NEOLANT design team possesses.

Services we provide include:

  • development of information and simulation models for industrial facilities to support the facilities lifecycle;
  • development and implementation of information systems to manage engineering and plant operations data through CAD, PLM, BIM, GIS, PDM, PM integration;
  • research and development and engineering design aiming at implementation of plant-scale processes, systems, equipment, capital construction projects.

Solutions we develop include:

NEOSYNTEZ is PLM/PDM software that allows the engineering data to be managed throughout the whole lifecycle of an infrastructure facility. 

InterBridge is software for the on-line translation of graphic and semantic 2D/3D data between cross-platform CAD and PLM that enables to develop and view a shared 2D/3D model of large-scale processing facilities.

InterStorage for SPF is a technology developed by NEOLANT Group of Companies, a long-term partner of the Intergraph Company, expanding capabilities of Intergraph SmartPlant Foundation (SPF). 

POLYNOM is a new generation 3D CAD for comprehensive designing new facility construction and existing facility retrofit.

SOMOX is construction management software that automates the planning, management, and control of construction project scheduling, providing clients an effective 4D-6D construction planning tool for industrial and civil facilities of any size and complexity. 

Digital Decommissioning is a new software and hardware package that uses digital technology to decommission nuclear facilities efficiently. It is supported by building information modeling (BIM), computer-aided simulation, and virtual reality (VR).

Computer-based Simulators, Training and Virtual Reality Tools for safe fine-tuning of technical operations, to simulate actions of regional disaster response teams in case of technogenic emergency, to accelerate learning processes of operating and maintenance personnel.

Nuclear Experience

The most substantial experience NEOLANT has acquired in the nuclear industry. For more than ten years, NEOLANT solutions have been contributing to ensuring reliability and safety of nuclear facilities.

NEOLANT: Russian Experience to World Nuclear Industry


Nuclear facilities: leading enterprises of ROSATOM.
NEOLANT is providing services and solutions in many areas of nuclear industry in Russia.


Nuclear facility: construction of Belarus NPP.
Development of Internet portal for construction projects management.


Nuclear facility: decommissioning of Kozloduy NPP.
Life extension justification for radioactive waste processing equipment at shutdown nuclear units 1-4.


Nuclear facility: construction of Akkuyu NPP.
Commissioning a pilot system for NPP life cycle management.

Unique Russian Experience in Using PIM Technologies

Nowadays Russia is the first country worldwide successfully using PIM Technologies in nuclear industry for several years. A nuclear facility information model is a digital prototype of the facility enabling operators to solve multiple tasks concerning the design, construction, operation, and decommissioning. Using PIM Technologies results in significant optimization of the nuclear facility management concerning its economic efficiency and safety. The price of facility's ownership can be reduced up to 30%, where the stages ensuring the economy of losses are delivery of equipment and facilities, construction, operation and decommissioning. In terms of safety, the information models contribute to lowering the generated RW amount and personnel dose rate in the facility.

Group of companies NEOLANT widely experienced in solving of tasks unprecedented in the Russian nuclear practice is one of the leading design contractors for a number of Rosatom's enterprises particularly concerning the development and implementation of PIM technologies.

    IAEA and WANO noted the experience in implementing and applying PIM technologies in the Russian nuclear industry.


  • Solve Unconventional Tasks
    NEOLANT focuses on solving fundamentally new problems that require the development not previously encountered in Russian (and often in the world!) practice approaches.
  • Offer Unique Expertise
    NEOLANT has a design & engineering center and IT department. Our team is made up of more than 500 specialists, including research engineers, design engineers, programmers, analysts.
  • Gain Worldwide Recognition
Plant Information Models to support nuclear and power generation facilities lifecycle management.
Plant Information Models to support nuclear and power generation facilities lifecycle management.
Plant Information Models to support nuclear and power generation facilities lifecycle management.


We are ready to arrange online or offline demonstration of our technologies, organize visits to our customers to provide experience exchange, answer your questions in any way convenient to you.

Contacts in Moscow:

Tel.: +7 (499) 999-00-00 
47A, Pokrovka Street
Moscow, 105062, Russian Federation

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