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Plant Information Models

Group of companies NEOLANT develops and implements Plant Information Models (PIM) to support nuclear and power generation facilities management.

Unique Russian Experience in Using PIM Technologies

Nowadays Russia is the first country worldwide successfully using PIM Technologies in nuclear industry for several years. A nuclear facility information model is a digital prototype of the facility enabling operators to solve multiple tasks concerning the design, construction, operation, and decommissioning. Using PIM Technologies results in significant optimization of the nuclear facility management concerning its economic efficiency and safety. The price of facility's ownership can be reduced up to 30%, where the stages ensuring the economy of losses are delivery of equipment and facilities, construction, operation and decommissioning. In terms of safety, the information models contribute to lowering the generated RW amount and personnel dose rate in the facility.

Group of companies NEOLANT widely experienced in solving of tasks unprecedented in the Russian nuclear practice is one of the leading design contractors for a number of Rosatom's enterprises particularly concerning the development and implementation of PIM technologies.

    IAEA and WANO noted the experience in implementing and applying PIM technologies in the Russian nuclear industry.

    Effectiveness of PIM at Facilities Operation and Decommissioning

    Given that the operation and decommissioning are the longest stages of a nuclear facility lifecycle, the outcome of PIM technology usage is the most significant in the nuclear industry and hence doubtlessly has a positive effect on the facility management expenditure optimization.

    Fig. 1. Facility Lifecycle Duration by the Example of NPP
    Fig. 1. Facility Lifecycle Duration by the Example of NPP

    Improvement Means of Improvement
    number of equipment failures
    • The operating personnel have the complete engineering information available thus indirectly providing improved maintenance.
    • Performing engineering evaluations with the use of actual operating engineering models making it possible to predict and prevent failures in good time.
    time of design works for rehabilitation and retrofitting facility
    • A designer has access to PIM reflecting the actual facility integrated information.
    • Hence lowering number of modifications in the detailed documentation.
    downtime of the equipment
    • Detailed planning and optimization of the Work Method Statement (WMS) basing on the actual operating information models of the facility.
    • Preparatory training of the personnel with using PIM.
    • Possibility to arrange repairs as required owing to high quality engineering evaluations with the use of precise operating information model.
    costs of complex repair operations

      Detailed digital modeling of maintenance in dedicated software environments basing on the PIM making it possible to:

    • Detect and correct collisions (finding out blocked accesses to the equipment, infeasibility of installations connected with the lack of space and others) prior to work commencement.
    • Optimize personnel work and minimize possible risks.
    • Train future operations of the operating personnel.
    maintenance personnel labor costs
    • Involving less maintenance workers through the optimized planning.
    time of operating and maintenance personnel training prior to performance of complex operations
    • Training operating and maintenance personnel with the use of engineering models prior to performance of complex operations.
    • Providing easy integrated access to the design and operation information in the virtual environment based on 3D Models. Integrating 3D models with radiation control (for NPP) and fire protection systems, visualizing CPCS (Computerized Process Control System) data significantly upgrade facility operation safety and individual personnel protection.
    Decommissioning (for NPP)
    the generated RW amount
    • Providing more accurate prediction calculation of different RW categories generation and thus preventing typical situation with assumption of RW generation averages owing to NPP units engineering and radiation modeling tools
    • Exemption from nuclear regulation up to 60% of generated low radioactive waste.
    • Enhancing quality of cost estimations for RW management resources
    dose rates of personnel performing disassembling of radiation dangerous equipment
    • Exact planning and optimizing WMS in radiation dangerous conditions;
    • Optimizing personnel movements;
    • Optimizing radiation protection
    disassembling time of complex radiation dangerous equipment
    • Accurate planning and optimizing WMS using simulation modeling tools

    PIM for Design Support

    NEOLANT has a unique set of engineering and IT expertise for the implementation of Plant Information Models and system engineering methods using CAD and PLM tools.


    • Nuclear facilities design.
    • Design and fabrication of tailor-made equipment.
    • Development and implementation of facility comprehensive 3D information models.
    • CAD/PDM/PLM implementation, integration and adjustment.

    PIM for Construction Support

    NEOLANT develops and implements Plant Information Models to support construction projects management that allow optimization of facility construction and integration.


    • 4D-nD modeling to support construction project management.
    • As-built Plant Information Models.
    • Internet portals to support facilities construction management.
    • Construction-to-Operation data transformation and transfer.

    PIM for Operation Support

    NEOLANT develops and implements Plant Information Models to support any operation processes management from visualization of actual facilities state to the training of operational and maintenance personnel.


    • 4D-nD Plant Information Models for facility configuration management.
    • Plant operation systems integration using digital models.
    • Computer-based simulators and training tools.
    • IT-systems for RAW and SNF control and accounting integration (for NPP).

    PIM for Decommissioning Support (for NPP)

    NEOLANT has a unique experience of nuclear facilities support at the final lifecycle stage. A wide range of decommissioning services of our company are in great demand in nuclear industry.

    Software and hardware package:

    Digital Decommissioning


    • 4D-nD Plant Information Models to support decommissioning projects.
    • Engineering and radiation exposure digital models as a results of comprehensive engineering and radiation survey.
    • Engineering and radiation exposure digital models to develop decommissioning plans and procedures.
    • Computer-based simulators to justify and verify radiation-risk activities.

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