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POLYNOM is a new generation of 3D CAD for designing complex process facilities. It assists with construction, updates drawings from as-builts, and provides information models for operations and retrofits.

NEOLANT holds copyright on POLYNOM.


    The Benefits of POLYNOM

  • POLYNOM was developed specifically for designing industrial facilities that contain millions of elements. It is based on NEOLANT's own state-of-the-art geometric 3D kernel, and so it handles engineering models representing the largest facilities, easily manipulating them on the screen. It works remotely over even low-speed communication conections.
  • POLYNOM has more than a decade's experience at handling large-scale plant modeling at customers, such as Bilibino NPP, Kola NPP, Novovoronezh NPP, Smolensk NPP, Kursk NPP, Leningrad NPP, Hydrogen Production Unit at JSOC Bashneft-Novoil, Novoportovskoye oil, gas and condensate field PJSC Gazprom Neft, and JSC Angstrem-T Submicron Semiconductor Manufacturing Foundry.
  • POLYNOM is a new generation of design systems created on the principle that makes data the center of managing facilities for their entire lifecycles. The approach ensures that POLYNOM consistently works with 3D information models throughout all stages of the lifecycle: design, construction, operation, and decommissioning.
  • POLYNOM seamlessly integrates with NEOLANT's InterBridge translation software for cross-platform 2D/3D CAD/PLM data conversion and model viewing. The integration provides the following capabilities:
    • Import models from various CAD systems into POLYNOM.
    • Consolidate all design parts created in different CAD systems into a single model that includes graphical and semantic structures.
    • Easily manipulate and view the largest models.
    • Rapidly find and eliminate spatial collisions to control the quality of design and construction.

The Competitive Strengths of POLYNOM

POLYNOM is an excellent investment for enterprises looking to develop facilities of any size. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to changing market conditions, business environments, and client goals. It scales to the size of your business as orders and employees increase, and as project sizes increase. POLYNOM offers your firm these competitive strengths:

StrengthImplemention Benefit
Works efficiently with large facilities. Our unique 3D kernel makes it possible to for POLYNOM to service facilities as large as required, including plants as complex as a million or more elements.
Interacts with any CAD system. Integration with InterBridge exports results from POLYNOM to many leading CAD systems.
Operates with varied hardware. Through specifically developed methods of online visualization, you can manipulate and edit large 3D models in POLYNOM, avoiding the need for powerful and expensive computers.
Design as a team. The data-centric model of engineering data management makes it possible to involve non-engineering staff, and to operate POLYNOM at remote sites, even over low-speed communications channels.
Cost effective as a solution. POLYNOM is affordable for all kinds of firms, ranging from small design companies to major enterprises, thanks to its low cost of ownership as compared to 3D CAD systems with comparable functions. Integration with InterBridge makes it possible to use POLYNOM on its own, or adjacent to MCAD systems whose capabilities may be excessive to the tasks involved. The affordability of POLYNOM extends to its purchase price, the cost of training, implementation, and maintenance.
Tailor-made for your environment. The built-in customization tool lets you change the elements of POLYNOM’s user interface to suit the needs of your staff and the tasks.
Implement POLYNOM during regular working hours, risk free. NEOLANT's engineering center provides you with our exclusive service – process design IT-engineering. Engineers from NEOLANT and the customer jointly implement projects in 3D POLYNOM CAD on the customers’ site.

Based on case histories of successful projects completed with POLYNOM, customers make grounded decisions about purchasing the product for long-term use. When you choose POLYNOM, you receive the benefit of skilled personnel and tailor-made software.

POLYNOM Functional Abilities

    POLYNOM supports the development of design documentation involving the following disciplines:

  • Production technology.
  • Metal structures.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
  • Water supply and sewage.
  • Architectural and construction concepts.

    POLYNOM provides the tools and functions for designing processing facilities:

  • Process equipment and pipelines.
  • Architecture and construction elements.
  • Supports and suspenders.
  • Ventilation and heating.
  • Generation of drawings and specifications.
  • Operation with laser scanning point clouds.
  • 3D symbols designer.
  • Electric trays and cables.
  • Integration with calculating complexes.

The system executes automatic and semiautomatic design checking, while InterBridge provides automatic spatial collisions checking.

Fig. 1. Process Elements
Fig. 1. Process Elements

Fig. 2. Equipment
Fig. 2. Equipment
Fig. 3. Construction Elements
Fig. 3. Construction Elements

Data and Model Export

Fig. 4. Laser Scanning Point Cloud
Fig. 4. Laser Scanning Point Cloud

Through its integration with InterBridge, POLYNOM imports models from the most common 3D CAD files in formats such as *.dgn, *.dwg, *.vue, *.rvm, *.rvs, *.dri, *.dxf, *.pid, and *.rvt.

With its module for processing data from laser scanners, POLYNOM effectively displays point clouds inside drawings.

Data and Model Export

    The system automatically generates the following documentation:

  • Assembling drawings, layouts, and sections.
  • Isometric drawings and isometric diagrams.
  • Perspective geometry.
  • Specifications.
  • Bills of materials.

Through its integration with InterBridge, POLYNOM exports models and data to a variety of commonly used CAD formats.

For viewing models by all stakeholders, POLYNOM uses InterBridge as its online 3D model viewer. Its compressed data format transmitted large amounts of data in a short time.

Fig. 5. Standard Elements Catalogue
Fig. 5. Standard Elements Catalogue
Fig. 6. Combined 3D model in POLYNOM
Fig. 6. Combined 3D model in POLYNOM

3D Part Library

From the experience gained by NEOLANT Group, we have evidence that the speed in designing with 3D CAD depends on availability of 3D parts from catalogues directly inside the CAD application. From this understanding, we developed a standard parts catalog containing more than 50,000 3D elements for all design disciplines.

Our system is flexible enough to handle adjustments, and implements timely updates of the 3D elements in its database.

All ready-made basic symbols are included as standard in POLYNOM free of charge.

    To supplement the base library, NEOLANT offers these options:

  • Training customers on creating base symbols.
  • Training customers creating base symbols as a part of.
  • IT-engineering operations performed by NEOLANT.
  • Translating symbols from existing 3D CAD library by NEOLANT's staff.
  • Creating new base symbols from scratch by NEOLANT.

User Interface

POLYNOM offers its state-of-the-art user-friendly, intuitive, and easy customizable user interface. The system provides users easy access to the most frequently used tools and commands.

Seamless integration with InterBridge ensures clear and rapid navigation through a single digital model, making it simple and efficient to use 3D models during all of the facility's lifecycle stages.

Team Operation

POLYNOM supports operations based on the use of a common database. Log files are maintained on the models that are uploaded, and the check-in/check-out mechanism controls access to data.

Our advanced system of collaboration allows several CAD users to work seamlessly with a single, up-to-date model, while sharing areas of contribution based on filters preset in the model. This helps avoid doubling-up on work or working with out-of-date information, eliminating the duplication of documents which might otherwise occur.

Scope of Delivery

The product delivered by NEOLANT includes the server and client ends of the software, with networking and competitive licenses. The server end contains projects, cataloging and administration module, and user license service. Use of competitive networking licenses ensures upmost in flexibility and cost-efficient workflow arrangements at the enterprise.

The product is provided with User Manual and Administrator Guide, as well as with training videos facilitating learning of the system.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP x64 or higher.
  • 100 MB hard disk space.
  • 256 MB RAM.
  • Discrete video card.
  • 1024*768 screen resolution.

Selection and Implementation


NEOLANT Group partners with leading 3D CAD vendors and so can offer you our long-term expertise in implementing, updating, and integrating their products. Our experience is essential when it comes to selecting the best combination of options for your specific requirements to ensure everything integrates well with each other.

Training and Technical Support

NEOLANT is an engineering company with deep IT expertise and long-term experience in solving practical tasks in many industrial disciplines branches, and so we can readily deal with the tasks performed by IT experts and operators.

Implementation and IT Engineering

As the developer of POLYNOM, NEOLANT Group has become of one the Top 35 Russian IT firms with more than ten years experience. NEOLANT develops information systems and comprehensive high tech solutions in the areas of digital engineering, designing, planning, and managing complex industrial facilities at all their lifecycle stages. On addition, NEOLANT Group gains practical experience through its activities as an engineering company, making it possible to modify CAD components for IT purposes, as well as test developed solutions in its own operations.

How to Know More about POLYNOM?

To consult about implementing POLYNOM for your specific needs, contact us for information about the types and numbers of licenses, software we implement, the services we provide, and our pricing policy.


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